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Rock, Rap or Country, Which is the Best Gambling Genre?

By: Staff –

Across the broad expense of musical genres, lyrics and song titles cover the total gamut of human activities and emotions. From falling in love to losing a loved one, traveling the world, and missing home, these shared human experiences have served as the inspiration behind many songwriters’ best works. Another subject that has had a huge crossover in the past is gambling. So we thought we’d take a quick look to see which one of three very popular styles of music can claim the title of the gambler’s choice.

It’s only natural that gambling and music should make a great partnership with links that range from the great performers who enjoy long residencies in Vegas to the musicians who like to gamble. And listening to music while you enjoy playing in an online casino at home can also greatly enhance the experience.

There are even some slots inspired by some of the artists mentioned here, including the rock legends Lemmy and Elvis Presley, who are mentioned below. These are favorites among music fans looking for games, many of which also have great soundtracks themselves. Sites like Bonusfinder CA list some of the best iGaming platforms available, so if you’re looking to find a slot that suits you, this is where to start. 

Rock Anthems

But let’s kick things off with another genre altogether — rock music. Its heavy beats and driving rhythms are a natural accompaniment to the excitement of gambling. Probably the first song that comes to mind is Motorhead’s Ace of Spades with Lemmy going full throttle at the cards-based lyrics.

We can also go all the way back to one of the founders of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, to find he was singing all about gambling back in 1964 with the title song to his movie Viva Las Vegas. One irony is that, even though the song went gold in 1992, he never once sang it live, despite his Vegas residency that consisted of 636 shows, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.


Moving on to rap, here’s a genre that certainly glamorizes glamor and all of its trappings. Unsurprisingly, the theme of casinos has proven to be very popular with many of the most acclaimed rappers in the scene. A prime example of this is Vegas by Kendrick Lamar, who lyrically compares love to a high-stakes game in the casino.

Another notable example is Life is a Gamble by Big K.R.I.T., which expands a little more on this theme and compares all of life to the ups and downs of a session at the tables. However, perhaps it’s Puff Daddy who best encapsulates the love of winning money and spending it well with All About the Benjamins, whose lyrics are strictly parental guidance-only.

Country Classics

Finally, let’s turn to the dulcet tones and steel guitars of country. In The Gambler, we have what is probably the most famous gambling song of all. Wise, melancholy, and with an absolute killer of a chorus, it’s a song that also offers some invaluable life advice. Recorded by many artists, Outsider notes, it was only the supreme artistry of Kenny Rogers that really turned it into a hit. Other great country gambling songs include Clint Black’s A Good Run of Bad Luck and The Eagles’ plaintive Desperado.

So, which is the genre that best “gets” gambling? For sheer excitement it has to be rock, for the glamor it’s rap and for the emotion, it’s country all the way – so it’s surely a case of honors shared between them all.



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