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Exclusive: Stream Mear’s New Spotify Playlist Feat. Songs That Inspired Their Debut LP “Soft Chains”

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Mear’s debut album, Soft Chains, the emerging indie pop band curated a brand new Spotify playlist featuring songs that inspired the album. Check it out below!

Zoon – “Light Prism”

We listened to this album (Bleached Waves) non-stop when we were up north working on one of our music videos in October of 2020. It’s forever imbued with fall energy for us and it’s stunning front to back.

Ellis, & Chasity – “Hell”

How dare these Hamiltonians make something this gorgeous. Prepared to have your heart ripped in two if you listen to this.

Fucked Up – “Son The Father”

Best band.

DIIV – “Blankenship”

Hooks upon hooks and bleak af. Our ideal combo. Love this track.

Mear – “Pinhead”

When we wrote this, we wanted to lean into the weirdness. The backing instrumental is meant to invoke medieval space

Labyrinth Ear – “Navy Light”

A beautifully sparse electronic jam. 

MorMor – “Heaven’s Only Wishful”

We can’t hear this song without thinking of summer nights in Toronto. Everything MorMor writes is incredible.

Niki & The Dove – “So much it hurts”

Inaugural Summer jam. 

Agnes Obel – “Familiar”

Such a weird interwoven chorus! We both really love this song and it inspired some of the effects we used on our album.

Kate Bush – “Army Dreamers”

Prog goddess and genius. This song is poignant, strange, minimal, sad, sonically bizarre. It’s everything.

Lankum – “The Wild Rover”

With roots in the east coast of Canada, some Celtic influences made their way into Soft Chains (especially with the harmonium).

Charlotte Cornfield – “In My Corner”

A local singer-songwriter who we admire. This is such a great tune!

Philip Glass, & Taktus – “Music in Contrary Motion”

Greg’s (Harrison) minimalist marimba duo project. Influences of classical minimalism (Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Terry Riley) are strong throughout Soft Chains.

Green Day – “Burnout”

Like most people our age, Dookie was pretty formative… for better or worse. “I declare I don’t care no more…”



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