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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Ila Barker’s Gorgeous New Video for “Intuition”

By: Staff –

Winnipeg-based singer-songwriter Ila Barker is back with her gorgeous new video for her new single “Intuition”. Watch it exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Directed by Ila and NSTY in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the video for “Intuition” features a gorgeous tropical palette with the lighting of Sage featured throughout. Barker is part Anishinaabe, and Sage is a sacred medicine of her Indigenous heritage. Helping her to connect to her spirit and cleanse her energy, it is a fitting practice to the song’s message of trusting your intuition.

“There have been moments in my journey where my intuition has whispered and moments she’s screamed, but she’s never steered me wrong,” says Barker. “It’s tough to decipher the difference between our heart and our mind, but our gut never lies. I like to think of my intuition as generations of ancestors, of my grandmothers, helping me along my way and pulling me back on my path whenever I start to lose my way.”

With a soulful voice and lyrics that wash over the minds and hearts of audiences like waves, Ila Barker is a force to be reckoned with. This Canadian folk-soul artist takes listeners on an introspective journey, inviting them to connect deeply with their own emotions.

Barker has taken the stage at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, Regina Folk Festival, sākihiwē festival, and opened for Jeremy Dutcher’s sold-out performance at the Indian River Festival in PEI. After the release of her self-titled debut album (2013), Barker took time to mindfully refine her artistry, embarking on a creative evolution, and emerging with a self-determine sound. Her forthcoming album is in honour to her metamorphosis into the musical powerhouse she is today and a promise that the tide will turn.

In addition to creating and performing music and as an act of reciprocity, Barker mentors emerging Indigenous artists in AIRsessions, her self-curated music workshop series.



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