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Exclusive: Stream AUS!Funkt’s New Curated Spotify Playlist Feat. Songs That Inspired Their Debut Album “Turn To Rust”

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of AUS!Funkt’s debut album, Turn To Rust, the electro band curated a brand new Spotify playlist that features songs that inspired the album. Stream it below.

AUS!Funkt began as an electro project by Serbian artist Jozzef Ladovina of the “Kool Rock Da Pop” band Auf Wiedersehen, which grew into two immigrants and two Canadians who found each other through a mutual love of dark electronic beats and piercing post-punk provocation, and everything in-between.

AUS!Funkt debuts their full-length record, Turn To Rust, showcasing a diversity of genres —dark-disco, art-punk, surf, funk, darkwave, psych-rock, breakbeat—and promises more dark disco beats to come.

Working Men’s Club – “Teeth

We found out about this band recently as some people compared us to them. Differently similar. A clever mix of electro, synth pop and post punk that is still fun but not banal.

Suicide – “Ghost Rider

What can be said here – pure energy combined unpleasantly introspective minimalism. That’s what we as a band aim for too.

Re-TROS – “At Mosp Here

An awesome Chinese post-punk band, in a way they’re paying tribute to their influences in a non-obvious way while managing to find a sound that’s very their own. I still can’t forgive myself for missing seeing them live in Toronto. 

TV Baby – “New York’s Alright

Very New York sound in a bit pretentious but justifiable wrap. TV Baby’s take on the Fear punk classic. But only if you like saxophone.

Jon Spencer & the HITmakers – “Worm Town

Some heavy blues infused grooves coming from Jon Spencer’s kitchen. We’re always inspired by simple memorable riffs that carry some weight. And hitting trash cans with a hammer is always fun.

Prinzhorn Dance School – “Reign

This band is one of the lesser known acts from the DFA label but deserves more attention. They have this brooding moody energy that we wanted to channel in our song “Turn To Rust”.

The Wants – “Container

This is a fairly new band out of NYC. This is the title track of their first album and the whole album kicks ass. The challenge of making music that “fits in a container” applies to us as well.

Grinderman/U.N.K.L.E – “Hyper Worm Tamer

The original track is raw, profane and primitive, but the remix adds a surf rock element that takes it to the next level.

Vitalic – “Poison Lips”

If you Google this song and “Kasper Hauser ” you will find a black and white film clip of Vincent Gallo dj’ing on the beach while a sole albino person dances. This odd moment was the initial inspiration for our “Set Yourself Free” music video.

Nicolas Jaar – “Three Waters of Nazareth”

This song has this sinister Suicide riff mixed with more modern sensibilities and experimental ambient sections. Our track “Berlin Basement” shares some of the same DNA.



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