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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Leanna Oki’s Dark and Dreamy New Single “I taught you how to dream”

Canadian artist Leanna Oki is back with her dark and dreamy new single “I taught you how to dream”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Oki tells another story of heartbreak and healing with “I taught you how to dream”. The moody and empowering track fuses elements of pop and R&B, using ricocheting drums and abundant vocal stacks to convey her signature bold sound. Inspired by a past relationship, the track is about an ex who never had dreams at night until their relationship began. This is Oki’s way of embracing her light after being left in the dark for far too long.

From the suburbs of Toronto, Canada, Asian-Canadian artist Leanna Oki blends elements of soulful pop, R&B, and electronic music to create her unique and captivating sound. Finding her outlet in music at an early age, singing and songwriting have evolved into her forms of self-expression and therapy, serving as a way to release her inexplicable feelings and experiences. Being self-taught in piano, guitar, and music production, Oki is almost fully independent in her music creation until it nears the very final stages. She utilizes the strong projection of her voice, hard-hitting basslines, and an abundance of vocal layers to produce her signature bold style.

Drawing inspiration from the emotionally freeing styles of Adele and Maggie Rogers along with the moody resonance of Banks and Lorde, Oki aspires to be another prominent female musician that uses passion and soul to propel her sound. Leanna has received comparisons to the deep and rich tones of Phoebe Bridgers and Ruth B, while still maintaining her distinct vocal presence.

Since 2018, Oki has been composing and recording her own hand-written tracks and continues to create music that narrates her journey of heartbreak and healing.



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