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Run The Jewels Launch BaRTJ, Direct-to-consumer Beverage Delivery Site

By: Staff –

Run The Jewels, on the heels of new craft beer collaborations with brewing icons Brooklyn Brewery and Collective Arts (36” Chain double pilsner and Get It! blonde ale), have just launched BaRTJ, a direct-to-consumer ordering service that greatly expands the availability of RTJ beverages throughout the country.

The launch marks the latest and greatest step in the band’s long-evolving relationship to the beverage industry, with 30+ craft beer collaborations & counting. Past notable partnerships include Goose Island, Creature Comforts, and Australia’s Moon Dog, plus their very first release, 2017’s Stay Gold IPA with NYC’s Interboro, and 2020’s No Save Point Mezcal IPAwith Cerveza Minerva.

Featuring striking artwork created by label design contest winner Matt C. Harvey, Brooklyn Brewery’s 36” Chain is a snappy double pilsner made with fonio, an ancient West African grain renowned for its resilience and unique flavor. It has golden notes of lychee with light honey, an assertively crisp finish, and pairs well with weed, an RTJ must. The beer will be poured during Run the Jewels landmark 5-night run at Madison Square Garden next month, and in keeping with RTJ’s commitment to putting money back into the communities where their beers are made, a portion of proceeds from the sale of 36” Chain will be donated to the Red Hook Art Project,(R.H.A.P). The organization’s mission is “rooted in the conviction that creative self-expression is a transformative experience that enriches individuals and communities,” and as such they work to provide a space where young people feel safe and supported as they develop their voices through artistic projects and activities.

Get It! from Collective Arts is an easy drinking dry-hopped Blonde Ale with a bright yellow haze in appearance. The beer’s subtle, but present dry-hop additions of Citra and Enigmahops give it a tropical fruit and citrus twist, yielding the ultimate refreshing brew. Get It made its world premier this past weekend at the Toronto Festival of Beer, where RTJ (in town for 2 shows at Scotiabank arena with Rage Against the Machine), made a special appearance & performed a short set in support of the beer release.

In addition to the aforementioned Brooklyn Brewery and Collective Arts collaborations, the inaugural offerings on BaRTJ include Spaceway Brewing’s All My Life DIPA, which also represents the latest addition to RTJ’s Black Craft Brewer Series, launched in 2020 to help bring much needed exposure, support, & inclusivity to this small but incredibly promising and deserving sector of the craft beer community. Run the Jewels redirects much of its profit from these initiatives back into the breweries, local communities or charities focused on children & the arts. All My Life is the 6th release in this series.

Future offerings are in the works and will expand beyond the craft beer space to include more global collaborations plus RTJ’s first proprietary beer; cold brew & bagged coffee; tea, ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails; and high-end spirits. The band is currently developing a whiskey with New York Times best-selling whiskey critic Fred Minnick, mezcal with Mexico’s El Tinieblo farm & distillery, and a super-premium rum. More to come…



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