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Exclusive: Stream Mattie Leon’s New Curated “Songs For The Summer Road” Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Mattie Leon’s new track “Acoustic Guitars,” the Hamilton-based singer-songwriter curated a brand new exclusive Spotify playlist called “Songs For The Summer Road” featuring songs that give the perfect summer vibe. Stream it exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Wild Rivers – “Stubborn Heart”

These guys know how to write great songs. Love the production on this one…listen to that pre chorus when it opens up…perfection. Having two singers with voices this good never hurts either. 

Maren Morris – “I Can’t Love You Anymore”

I brought my niece, Cameron, to her first big concert this summer. It was Maren Morris at the Amphitheatre (Budweiser Stage). What a friggin’ show. This song is my favourite off of her new record. 

Mattie Leon – “Acoustic Guitars”

Four on the floor. Motown horns. Stonesy baseline. What more could you want from a summer single? “Confident guys don’t tend to hide behind acoustic guitars” I know this from years of experience. 

Darling Congress – “Heaven’s Gate”

There’s a bit of that shimmery Heartbreakers sound in this one and it feels great from the first note. “I may have crossed a line or two / I’ll count them up until I’m back to you” … I love that part.

Nate Daviau – “Holy Sunday”

I’ve seen Nate a few times in Toronto. This guy with just a guitar is incredible. I’ve gone back to this song a lot in the last year. “With that smile, with that hair, with that unavailability” I LOVE this line. 

Tim Baker – “Strange River”

Whenever someone asks me my favourite music right now I tell them Tim Baker’s first solo album. The whole record is must-listen-to music but if I had to pick one it’s “Strange River”. When that outro comes…take a deep breath because it’s gonna hit you like a ton of bricks. 

Haim – “The Steps”

This song sounds like the Haim sisters were dared to write the next great Sheryl Crow single. This one never gets old. (I did a cover of it if you want to check out our YouTube page!)

The Redhill Valleys – “Something About You”

This song sounds like falling in love and what’s better than that? Smoothest lead vocalist around right now. 

Rose Cousins – “The Benefits of Being Alone”

Had the honour of sharing the stage with Rose Cousins in the spring. What an insane talent. This song is so damn catchy that you almost forget how lyrically clever it is as well. To me it sounds like McCartney could have written it in 1967. 

Dizzy – “Twist”

This is the darkest one on the playlist but we need some variety right? Maybe listen to this one once the stars are out. Anyone who says they don’t care about lyrics don’t listen to enough songs like this. Heartbreaking and original. I respect anyone that can work “Ventriloquist” into a lyric. 

Elliot Brood – “Dig A Little Hole”

This is what every person writing an upbeat song on the acoustic guitar HOPES they can come up with. Stompy. Kind of familiar but then that chorus comes in with such a sweet melody. Very Paul Simon. Very awesome. 



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