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Stream Valley’s Hopeful New Single “The Problem Song”

By: Staff –

JUNO Award Nominated alternative-pop band Valley has released their hopeful new single “The Problem Song”. Released today with the visualizer (watch below), “The Problem Song” is characterized by a distinctive deep vocal sample that carries the powerful message of the chorus, “yeah we got problems, but I know we can fix them.”

Rob Laska (lead vocalist) shares “’The Problem Song’ is the beginning of a whole new chapter for us. It’s our most delicate attempt at holding space in a song while still having a chorus that feels powerful both emotionally and sonically. We really tried to keep the production engaging without getting in the way of the very universal message of the lyric.” Laska continues, “We didn’t hold back on really saying it as it is. The Problem Song simply put is about switching on hope within the grounds of your relationship with someone you’ve loved for a long time. It’s about the unexpected shit that is the reality of being with “the one” for a long time. It’s about finding joy in the pursuit of starting again.”

The optimistic anthem was created over a few months using the tried, tested and true Valley method of collaboration as a band and with longtime friend and producer Jorgen Odegard (“Holy” Justin Bieber). Rob Laska explains, “’The Problem Song’ started with a beat Mickey made hungover at the airport in Belgium. He came home and we went away to a cottage in the woods for a week and started to begin the process of the “scary second album”. We were all playing random demos and beats that we had started over the past few weeks on the first night and Mickey played ‘The Problem Song’ beat…we all FREAKED out.”

“The Problem Song” follows Valley’s release “CHAMPAGNE,” a special release for the band, celebrating the sole female vocalist and drummer Karah James who stepped out from behind her kit and into the spotlight as lead vocals on the track. “CHAMPAGNE” marks another celebration for Valley and Karah James who around the songs release, shared a heartfelt post about her journey and identity as part of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. To commemorate Karah’s first pride, Valley released a line of limited-edition merch with all proceeds going to P-Flag.



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