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Exclusive: Stream Goodnight Sunrise’s New “Against All Odds” Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Goodnight Sunrise’s upcoming full-length album, Against All Odds, on October 7th, the emerging Toronto-based rock duo curated a brand new “Against All Odds” curated Spotify playlist. Stream it exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

On the playlist, the duo said, “A major theme in a lot of our new songs is perseverance and not giving up on a goal when the road is bumpy or others try to stand in your way. It’s why we named our new album Against All Odds, and why we’re putting it out on our own label Rejection Records. This playlist features a bunch of other songs about pushing forward instead of letting the world push you around!”

The Beaches – “Let’s Go

“They told me to turn myself into another indie-pop star – F that, I’m just gonna be me, they can be whatever they are. Boys in the band, just like their dads, give us advice on punk rock – said we’d do better if we quit writing about all the girl stuff. I’m over it.”

Misterwives – “SUPERBLOOM”

“I deserve congratulations, cause I came out the other side. If you tell me I won’t make it, that’s when I superbloom.”

Weezer – “Pork And Beans

“I’ma do the things that I wanna do, I ain’t got a thing to prove to you. I look in the mirror and I’m tickled pink, I don’t give a hoot about what you think.”

Skye Wallace – “Truth Be Told”

“How foolish of me to think I can change my shape … how spineless of me to think I don’t have the guts … I won’t be toothless and I’ll finally be enough.”

Birds of Bellwoods – “Easy”

“I’m still the same, I’m still nothing, I’m still nobody – this isn’t easy but that’s not how it’s supposed to be. And looking up I see I’m closer than I’ve ever been, so go easy on me.”

Alysha Brilla – “Rescue”

“And they all love you when you’re on top, but when you’re at the bottom, pile up they wont stop. Hey don’t worry I’m on my way – I’m gonna love you until my dying day. When the world wants to trouble and test you, I will run to your rescue.”

Mauvey – “The King”

“You’re the king – never bow down. You’re the king – you don’t need a crown. You’re the king – you ain’t got to listen to them. You ain’t got to listen to them.”

Monowhales – “All Or Nothing”

“Last night I thought I heard you talking like a voice in my head, it’s coming back I still remember everything that you said. Told me I wasn’t worth a dime like I had nothing to lose – well I got a dollar in my pocket baby, what’s it to you?”

Goodnight Sunrise – “Wait for It”

“All those times they told me no – You said ‘stop’ but I heard ‘go’ – I’m still here because I’m not there yet, so just wait for it. I get fired up by the doubt, so don’t you worry about wearing me down – I’m still here because I’m not there yet, so just wait for it.”

AC/DC – “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock And Roll)”

“Gettin’ robbed, gettin’ stoned, gettin’ beat up, broken-boned, gettin’ had, gettin’ took – I tell you, folks, it’s harder than it looks. It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock ‘n’ roll.”



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