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Exclusive: Stream Carleton Stone’s New “On Repeat” Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Carleton Stone’s new single “House In The Hills,” the emerging singer-songwriter curated a brand new “On Repeat” curated Spotify playlist featuring songs that he’s currently obsessed with. Stream it exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Tim Baker – “Year of the Dog”

I’ve been a fan of Tim Baker since his days fronting his old band Hey Rosetta. One of my first ‘bigger’ shows early in my career was opening a show for them at Smooth Herman’s bar in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Marcus Paquin has been producing Tim’s solo work since he left Hey Rosetta, and ‘Year of the Dog’ might be my favorite record they’ve made together. Favorite lyric: “Was it the fools I grew up with, the water we drunk, whatever carved me as the hand to your glove, that’s what I love.” 

The 1975 – “Part of the Band”

This song is the first release from The 1975’s upcoming album and I was completely floored when I first heard it. I was expecting a dance floor-ready song like the band is known for; instead I was hit with this delicate, indie balled with orchestral stings and weird noises that sound like perfectly placed accidents. Producer de-jour Jack Antonoff worked on the track with the band and you can hear his fingerprints all over the production. Here’s hoping the rest of the record keeps me on my toes as much as this song does. Favorite lyric: “I like my men like I like my coffee, full of soy milk and so sweet it won’t offend anybody, staining the pages of the nation.” 

Fred again.. – “Jungle”

I first became aware of Fred again.. as a co-writer and producer from Ed Sheeran songs over the past few years (Bad Habits, Afterglow, among others), but his solo catalogue is filled with refined house bangers. He was classically trained on piano as a child and when started making his own recordings, eventually meeting his now mentor Brian Eno though a weekly neighborhood choir group his parents were a part of. ‘Jungle’ is one of his more recent releases and is just a great song to dance and go crazy to. 

Bleachers (feat. Verdine White of Earth, Wind and Fire) – How Dare You Want More

Another Jack Antonoff production but this time remixed by Verdine White of Earth, Wind and Fire. Was a fan of the original version of this song that was on the last Bleachers album, but this remix seems to strip the song back to the most basic elements of the original production, clean up some of the noise, and somehow infusing more energy into an already energetic song. 

Nina Nesbitt  – “No Time (For My Life to Suck)”

Been listening to this artist since last summer when she put out a song called “Life’s a Bitch” which was one of most listened to songs of last year. This song is off Nina’s upcoming album that comes out in September. I love songs when the hook is something unconventional, and the humming part in the chorus fits that bill perfectly – a great little summer jam. 

Post Malone (feat. Fleet Foxes) – Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures but if I did Post Malone would fit squarely in that category. This lyrics in this song paint a not-so-flattering picture of Posty getting some of his teeth knocked out when he’s out getting drunk, juxtaposed with these beautiful choral harmonies courtesy of Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes and amazing melodies and production from his co-writer /producer Louis Bell. Favorite lyric: “I woke up on the ground, I guess I should’ve kept that shit to myself, turns out I’m pretty good at running my mouth but not good enough.”

Bartees Strange  – “Wretched”

I don’t know if it been the last few years of pandemic lockdowns influencing this pick, but the first time I heard this song I could instantly picture myself singing/dancing/screaming along at a festival with fifty-thousand other people going absolutely crazy. Bartees Strange is a new artist to me but I’ve loved the handful of songs I’ve heard from him so far, with this one being the that stands above the rest. 

Allison Ponthier – “Hollywood Forever Cemetery”

First became aware of this artist when I saw one of my favorite songwriters Dan Wilson post about writing with her. The title of this song caught my attention right away as something unique and the music gives me strong Fleetwood Mac vibes. Favorite lyric: “Put your stage name on your tombstone.”

Sabrina Carpenter – How Many Things”

I’ve known about Sabrina Carpenter for the past decade or so because my friends used to write with her in Toronto when she was still a teenager. It’s been amazing watching her career take off over the past few years to a certified pop star. This song is off her new album and is a co-write with Julia Michaels and J.P. Saxe, just a great heartbreaker of a song about love fading away. Favorite lyric: “You used a fork once, turns out forks are fucking everywhere.”

Dan Wilson – “On the Floor” (Perfume Genius cover)

As I said before, Dan Wilson is one of my biggest songwriting inspirations of the past few years, but I’m including his version of a Perfume Genius song on my playlist. Just a great simple production and reimagining of the original song – genius recognizing genius. Favorite lyric: “How long ‘till my body is safe? How long ‘till I walk in the light ? How long ‘till this heart isn’t mine ? Take this wildness away.” 

Holly Humberstone  – “Sleep Tight (edit)”

Holly Humberstone is probably my favorite new artist of the past few years. Her songwriting is well beyond her years and every song she puts out is incredible. This song was written with Matt Healy of The 1975 who collaborates with her frequently. If she keeps putting out great music like this she could be one of the biggest artists in the world in a couple years. Favorite lyric: “You take off your jeans and my heart started screaming.”



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