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Exclusive: Stream Nicholas Cangiano’s New Curated Spotify Playlist Feat. Songs That Inspired His New EP “New Occasion”

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Nicholas Cangiano’s new EP New Occasion (out now), which features six original songs, including his recent single “Kaleidoscope“, as well as “Right Time Right Place” & “The Moves“, the emerging Montreal-based artist curated a brand new Spotify playlist featuring songs that inspired the EP.

Cangiano’s had this to share about the new EP, “New Occasion is a collection of the best songs of mine made over the past year. The name is meant to signify a breath of fresh air for me, as I start to find my balance in my career as a musician, as well as my adulthood. This year was very influential yet also very turbulent for me. Some concepts that I have been juggling like figuring out who I am as an artist and a person, navigating the temptations of living in a big city as a young adult, and learning to embrace change all subconsciously became very relevant themes in the music I was making this year, as all my best music is more of a stream of consciousness rather than something that I feel I have a lot of control over. This project feels very close to home as I wrote, recorded, and produced everything myself in my bedroom studio perched above the Old Port of Montreal. I hope listeners can feel the authenticity and intimacy I tried to put into this project. I talk about ideas that I’ve dealt with for a long time, for example trying to let go of the desire to hold on to things as they are and embrace impermanence on ‘Over’, experiencing the pull of consumerism that always keeps us wanting more on ‘Little By Little’, to the thought process after showing up to a party too stoned on ‘Dazed,’ to the feeling of hitting your stride on ‘Right Time Right Place’. I feel like there’s something for everybody on this project and I hope that people will enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making it.”

Little Simz – “I See You”

I love the authenticity that Little Simz delivers in this song. It feels raw and honest, something I wanted to bring to my own music in this project. I also love the way she blends the classic soul feel with a modern touch, also something I try to achieve in my own work.

Steve Lacy – “Helmet”

This new record by Steve Lacy quickly became one of my favourite records of all time. This song oozes character and the way his lyrics feel almost spookily relevant to experiences of mine over the past year pulls me in so much deeper.

Daniel Caesar – “Get You”

I’ve always really admired the simple yet effective production style of Daniel Caesar that allows his raw talent to come through crystal clear. I love how much space this song has and how irresistibly smooth the delivery is.

Hologramme – “XXX”

Hologramme came onto my radar last year as I became more acquainted with the music scene here in Montreal. He’s got a really exciting take on electronic music and I love the way he mixes raw instrumentation (most notably saxophone) with the experimental soundscapes he paints. I take a lot of inspiration from experimental music like this that pushes limits of genres and manages to do something new in a familiar space.

Remi Wolf – “Quiet On Set”

Remi Wolf is a powerhouse of a songwriter, performer, and just all around human. I’ve been enjoying watching her rise to stardom over the past few years and love everything she has going on from top to bottom musically and stylistically. I listened to this song the day it dropped and it was one of those moments where you’ve been feeling somewhat uninspired and you hear something that just gets you so excited about music again. The energy she gives in this song is unmatched and the beat shakes your bones, definitely got some ideas rolling for me.

Jungle – “Casio”

A long time favourite of mine, I’ve always been enthralled with everything Jungle does. Their production is so full, everything is in its place and fills the space perfectly. Effortlessly groovy, something I always aspire to emulate myself.

Hiatus Kaiyote – “Nakamarra”

The instrumentation that Hiatus Kaiyote bring to the table is awe inspiring, truly a band’s band. Their music feels like coming home to me. Again, as is a recurring theme in this playlist, the effortlessness and authenticity come through strong on this one.

Nick Hakim – “QADIR”

This song feels like a dreamscape to me. It’s moody, it’s sexy, it’s self reflective, it fills the room and makes you want to sink into the floor in the best way. I love a song that takes you to another place like this.

strongboi – “Fool Around”

strongboi is perfect. I love this band so much and this song is no exception. The groove is simple but effective carrying you through, and the use of ear candy both percussive and melodic creates this really fun and loose soundscape around the main elements that just make you sway along, always staying interesting.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “The World Is Crowded”

Would feel wrong to not throw a UMO track on here. This is always a go to album of mine for any occasion. Ruban Nielson makes you feel all kind of ways on this one, truly the kind of irresistible bass lines, raspy harmonies, and crispy drums that mesh to make the swankiest little number.



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