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Photos + Review: Nickelback, Mountain Head @ History Toronto

By: Curtis Sindrey –

TORONTO, ON. – Nov. 15 – Nickelback performs at History in Toronto, Ontario on November 15, 2022. (Photo: Curtis Sindrey for Aesthetic Magazine)

Juno Award-winning hard rock band Nickelback held a special album release party last night (Nov. 15th) at History in Toronto for their new effort, Get Rollin’, which is set for release on November 18th via BMG. The acclaimed quartet, lead by frontman Chad Kroeger, was at the top of their game as they breezed through a 13-song setlist filled with beloved hits (“Savin’ Me”, “Photograph”, “Someday”, among others) and new album cuts including current single “San Quentin”, and “Those Days”. 

Kroeger, who celebrated his 48th birthday at the show, was in full on party mode as he made several references to smoking weed, and getting drunk with the boys as he oozed a unique frontman swagger. Kroeger led the charge (and the party) as he growled vocals and shredded on guitar.

“This crowd is fucking amazing,” said Kroeger during the set. “It didn’t sound like this in the garage when we started 25 years ago.” The capacity hung on Kroeger and co.’s every word and one fan was even invited on stage for a rendition of “Rockstar”, which was solid throughout.

For the online hate that they (undeservedly) get, Nickelback are a solid live band, especially on this night. Their collective musicianship, and their ability to craft songs that are instant earworms are something to honestly behold. Mock them all they want, but throughout their set, they jammed through banger after banger of hits and some songs that you didn’t even know that you knew the words to.

Whether you dig the new material, or you’re aching for some mid-to-late 2000s CanCon nostalgia, Nickelback is a band to see LIVE.

Openers Mountain Head are a band on the rise. Having released their newest EP, Backseat, on March 18th, 2022, the Hannah Brothers are set to light the music world on fire. Dressed in their signature head-to-toe denim, the duo mixes a slew of different genres from synthpop to psychedelic to alt-rock, and a tinge of hip-hop with their groovy cover of ODB’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”. They’re mysterious, yet soulful, and they filled the room with their unique flavour. Don’t sleep on Mountain Head!

Nickelback Set-List

  1. San Quentin (live debut)
  2. Savin’ Me
  3. Photograph
  4. Animals
  5. Leader of Men
  6. Someday
  7. Far Away
  8. Figured You Out
  9. Rockstar
  10. Those Days (live debut)
  11. Gotta Be Somebody
  12. How You Remind Me
  13. Burn It to the Ground


Mountain Head



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