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Exclusive: Stream Kalila Badali’s New “Songs to Soothe your Broken Heart” Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Kalila Badali’s new single “No Eye Contact”, the Toronto-based singer-songwriter curated a brand new Spotify Playlist featuring songs that inspired the new track. Stream it exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Coconut Records – “West Coast”

This song is such a throw-back for me, I had to add it because after the first real break-up I ever had, I listened to it on repeat, teen-crying in the TTC. Jason Schwartzman just perfectly captures that persistent longing for someone who’s living far away. 

Blonde Redhead – “No More Honey”

When Blonde Redhead released Barragán, this song echoed in my head for days. I love how dreamy and powerful the instrumentals and vocals are. Something about this song makes me think that even though there’s a vow against “Honey” it might still end up happening. 

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – “Meticulous Bird of Prey” 

This song was very influential to me and the production/mastering of “No Eye Contact.” I wanted to emphasize the bass and percussion, take real pain and have it play out over a fun and powerful hook. I love how Thao says, “Now I perch above you, meticulous bird of prey” and then reclaims her body. It’s the ultimate fuck you to predators and a great anthem to not only soothe a broken heart but give it a harpy shriek.  

Stars – “Your Ex-Lover is Dead”

Another throw-back to high school! The idea of people trying to forget each other after a break-up and still feeling some intangible connection is just so delicious. 

Sharon Van Etten – “Give Out” 

Van Etten’s lyrics really dig into the foreshadowing of loss at the beginning of a relationship, a self-fulfilling prophecy, or just knowing your own flaws well enough to see it won’t work. Some break-ups are so rough you need to move cities. 

Helena Deland – “There Are a Thousand”

I loved putting “There Are a Thousand” right after “Give Out”, it’s like the songs are talking to each other, especially with her opening lyrics “I look for ways in which this could end so I can look forward to something.” I feel like the song follows the “Myth of The One” – that notion that there is one person made for everyone, a soul mate and you just have to find them. 

Aldous Harding – “Zoo Eyes” 

“Why, what am I doing in Dubai in the prime of my life, do you love me?” I LOVE this lyric. I imagine a character who has been driven to another country chasing a romantic connection suddenly gone cold. 

St. Vincent – “Now, Now” 

I have a real soft spot for St. Vincent’s debut album Marry Me, especially for this opening song. I get the sense she is singing about realizing her own self-worth after a break-up, realizing she’s not “Your mother’s favourite dog, the carpet you walk on…” I love that she ends up saying she isn’t anything at all. It’s not self-deprecating, it’s decisive and liberated. 

Don River – “Wasting” 

Don River’s lyrics are poignant and eternally satisfying to me. “You’re wasting light when you leave the curtains open. You’re wasting time when you’ve gone to bed alone. Your heart’s been wired to be aimless in devotion. Your wasted life.” Isn’t that just wonderfully capturing sexual frustration and the loss of youth? All punctuated by his cry “Oh me, oh my.” 

The Shins – “ The Past and Pending” 

This year I met James Mercer at the 21st birthday tour for Oh, Inverted World. I asked him about his lyrics “Lose yourself in lines dissecting love.” He was SO kind and told me enthusiastically about mathematical concepts and attempting to dissect the very personal flaws that seem to lead to getting rejected. It was mind-blowingly delightful and made me appreciate this song even more.  



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