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Exclusive: Stream River Town Saints’ New Curated Spotify Playlist Featuring a Collection of Their Favourite Songs

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of River Town Saint’s new single, “Goodbye Ain’t a Game”, the country-rock band curated a brand new curated Spotify playlist featuring a collection of some of their favourite songs. Stream it below!

It’s no secret that River Town Saints have endured more than most bands could handle in a lifetime. The sudden death of one of the founding members, replacing a lead singer, and just when they had all of that figured out and were ready to introduce the world to River Town Saints 2.0, a global pandemic came along. Since then, they’ve been writing and recording new music that they are excited to release.

Brooding new single, “Goodbye Ain’t a Game,” was inspired by one of River Town Saints’ members on again/off again relationships with a now ex-girlfriend. The addition of a pedal steel guitar envelopes the track in a haunting aura.

Kim Mitchell – “Rockland Wonderland”

Everything about this song brings me back to rock music in Canada in the 80s. Weird, Goofy, awesome and nostalgic. – Jeremy

The 1975 – “Girls”

Pure 80s vibe euro-pop. Impossible not to move or sing along. – Jeremy

New Found Glory – “Better Off Dead”

The band and song that really got me into punk. Music was fast & tight and the dudes all sang about girls, while looking like girls. – Jeremy

Between You and Me – “Butterflies”

This song has great melodies, and it comes in with plenty of excitement, and not to mention lyrically, it has some cool lines. Words that I’ve tried to portray, but was never able to say it, as well as they did in the song. “Girl I wanna love you but I’d settle for sex.”

Fun fact: Our producer Sam Guaiana co-wrote, produced and mixed this song. – Chris

Josh Abbott Band – “Little More You”

In my opinion, the perfect modern country song. A catchy little ditty by Texas natives, Josh Abbott Band. The reason I wish we had come up with this one is because it would work perfectly in our genre. check it out! – Chris

Eagles – “One of these nights”

With its eerie but infectious sound, the first time I heard it blew my mind. Not your typical folky Eagles sound, this one is more in the pop rock vain, and is everything I love about music. – Chris

Paramore – “Thats What You Get”

Besides having the biggest crush on Hayley Williams in my early 20s, I also really loved this song, and I still do. Great vocals, great hook, great guitars! Definitely an influence on why I wanted to play in bands. – Chris

The Tragically Hip – “Born In The Water”

A Canadian band that I always loved to listen to. Kick ass riff that you just can’t get out of your head. – Joe

John Mayer – “Last train Home”

I love the 80’s nostalgia, and I’ve always felt this was an insanely well crafted song. – Joe

Old Dominion – “Written In The Sand”

Clever lyrics always wished I had come up with something like this. It’s also catchy as hell. – Joe

Shania Twain – “I’m Gonna Getcha Good”

It was a song my family listened to while I was growing up so it brings me a little nostalgia when I listen to it. – Chase

Wolfmother – “Joker And The Thief”

It was a song that was always played in the dressing room before we would hit the ice for a hockey game and kick ass. – Chase

Billy Currington – “We Are Tonight”

This song came out the summer I got my drivers license and I would blast it on the radio all day and night while I would drive around. – Chase

Journey – “Faithfully”

This song has always been a favorite of mine. I feel like no matter who you are this song makes you want to love “LOVE”. They just did it right. – Chase



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