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Exclusive: Stream Joey Stylez’s New “‘Twenty Three” Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Joey Stylez’s new video for “Finally” feat. Lancelot Knight, the Cree hip hop artist curated a new Spotify playlist to help kick off your 2023 the right way.

Joji – “Glimpse of Us”

I’m guilty of enjoying me a melancholy track every now and then, and this one is money. The haunting vibe, and tone in his voice make you actually feel like you could understand his pain.

Miley Cyrus – “Flowers”

The Cyrus family are incredibly talented. This song speaks to me musically, rhythmically and her independent minded lyrics can’t help but make the listener smile.

SAINt JHN & London On Da Track – “Stadiums”

I love that low frequency trap music that gets you in mode for the gym, or riding with the brothers. This track has me feeling like I’m ready for anything and I dig that warrior vibe.

Rezcoast Grizz – “Rez Girls Don’t Cry”

This track has 90’s punk meets country music written all over it. Grizz spits some fire bars that will be felt anywhere in Native America. 

Carsen Gray – “Alive”

A sweet love song that touches anyone who understands the highs and lows of relationships. Simplistic, yet thought out music and vocals that you can feel to your core.

Drives The Common Man – “Annie”

A fun track. Drives is high energy and is another artist on this list that fits many genres. This one is pop/punk but still has a hip hop vibe to it to my ears.

Lancelot Knight & Jason Camp and the Posers – “Fok Around”

Growing up in Prairies in Canada, some of the older cats were too cool to really fully pronounce some words, Fok being one of them. It’s like why waste your energy on the little things when you can save it for being solid, lol.

JD McPherson – “Precious”

I’m a big fan of vintage sounding music. This one could be side by side with old Elvis or Roy Orbison. When I heard it, I instantly added it to my playlist and it’s been bumping up ever since.

Paul Cauthen – “Country as Fuck”

I’m a plains Cree Indian and this one gives off a true American cowboy vibe. We are very familiar with the theme of cowboys and Indians and this one speaks that story, but only with some extra attitude.

Orville Peck – “The Curse of the Blackened Eye”

Again, that vintage sound I love, and when i looked up Orville Peck his trippy branding and image made him even more interesting. His style, sound and performance are dope and something I could ride to.



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