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Exclusive: Stream Chloé Caroline’s New Curated Valentine’s Day Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of her new single “TWINFLAMES”, along with a new EP “The Awakening” that is set for release on March 20th, emerging singer-songwriter Chloé Caroline curated a brand new Valentine’s Day themed Spotify playlist. Stream it below.

Chloé Caroline – “TWINFLAMES”

Biased but a true celebration of healthy love/partnership & I gotta admit it’ll be stuck in your head and can apply to anyone you just love doing life with.

Chloé Caroline – “Saving Space”

Biased again, BUT this song manifested me meeting the love of my life. This song is for anyone who doesn’t want to give up on love but is also learning to surrender control and trust, in order to make room for it.

Banners – “In Your Universe”

I loved that this song was so cinematic & had so much space in the chorus. It’s a unique way of saying something so simple too. Also anything cosmic is up my alley, if that isn’t obvious.

TALK – “Run Away To Mars”

Again, love the thoughtful lyric “would you miss me in the end if I run out of oxygen”—unique way to say a universal thought. Also love the verbed out acapella vocals in the end—a production play on fading into outer space and SUCH a instant melody.

Zach Oliver – “Love Me to Death”

This gets inner romantic swooning. I also love that he took the phrase “love me to death” and played on that in a quirky way ex: “I heard sex is better in the after life”.

Lo Moon – “For Me It’s You”

I heard this song for the first time under a full moon. It sounds like the universe working its magic. The strings are beautiful, guitars are epic, yet it dips out into moments of pure vocal. It’s a vibe.

Betcha – “Closer to the Sun”

This song is all around good energy. Super melodic and perfect for a beach day or driving in your car with the windows down. We all know people that bring us closer to sunshine.

Paul Simon – “Still Crazy After All These Years”

A classic. I’m an old soul and timeless love is everything. To still have that youthful spark when you’re both old and grey is the dream.

Harry Styles – “Love of my Life”

I love the bare vocal, descriptive lyrics, with the edgier but subtle bass/synth that kicks off the song. So many brilliant combos of old and new in this. I just love Harry.

Will Champlin – “Hollow”

I heard this in Joshua Tree, again under a full moon during a photoshoot with friends. It became a song I played on repeat for over a year every day during my walks. I love the acoustic guitar with the haunting sultry production and Will’s voice is insane. Feels like wild love. Definitely manifested a TON to this.

David Thomas Junior – “Always You”

Reminds me of a weekend trip I took with my boyfriend in the desert, just us two away from the world. When it all clicks that everything aligns intentionally to bring you to where you are with who you are with.

Odesza – “Boy”

First Odesza song I ever heard and I fell in love with it.

Ellie & Drew Holcomb – “Hung The Moon”

Adorable. Folky and pure. I love that they’re married. Enough said.

Patrick Droney – “Yours in the Morning”

I’m obsessed with Patrick’s voice. I also just love that it makes me think of a quaint Sunday morning making pancakes with someone I love.

Night Traveler – “I Still Love You”

This song is up there with “Hollow” as far as most listens on my walks. I loved the 80’s inspo, the guitars, and the dreaminess of the entire song. It feels like a movie and it hits me in the soul. The ache of loving someone so hard. Another song I definitely manifested to and have cried to countless times including at their show when I saw them live shamelessly. I was so obsessed with this song that it inspired the guitars and a lot of where “Saving Space” came from.



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