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Review: The Disney Animation Immersive Experience Brings Disney Magic to Toronto

By: Curtis Sindrey –

Discover a whole new world of Disney magic with the brand new Disney Animation Immersive Experience, happening now at Lighthouse Artspace (1 Yonge St.).

This pop-up experience gives you a new appreciation for the history of Disney animation as you enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at how some of your favourite characters came to life through the use of storyboards, elaborate backgrounds, and visual effects. It’s a fascinating look at the elaborate process of creating some of the most beloved Disney characters of all-time, and give you a greater appreciate for the creative process. One of the best aspects of this section was the full-scale model of a typical Disney animator’s work desk featuring two computer monitors and all sorts of current generation technology that goes to show how far animation technology has come since the days of Walt Disney.

This section also highlighted Disney’s knack for nailing intricately detailed backgrounds with everything from big things like cars, humans, and pets that feel almost lifelike, to smaller inanimate objects that are often overlooked like trees, or a lamppost. This section also highlighted the stars behind the scenes with several detailed profiles of Disney background artists including Eyvind Earle, who’s background work appears on such Disney classics as Peter Pan (1953), Lady and the Tramp (1955), and Sleeping Beauty (1959), and Lisa Keene, who has worked on some of Disney’s most beloved modern gems like Beauty and the Beast (1991), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996), The Lion King (1994), Enchanted (2007), Tangled (2010), and Frozen (2013). It was such a delight to see a dedicated area to the animators and other artists working behind the scenes who don’t often get the credit they deserve.

As you walked into the Disney vault (!!), you couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder and excitement. Featuring two gigantic, warehouse-like rooms, 60,600 frames of video, 600,000 cubic feet projections, 90,000,000 pixels, and a little bit of Disney magic, you are suddenly transported into your favourite Disney films with even the floor beneath you featuring fairy stardust that moved with your every step.

The experience is a non-stop musical extravaganza of Disney songs synced to clips from various Disney films from over the years that will have you singing along and feeling like a kid again. Whether it’s The Lion King’s “The Circle of Life” (my favourite), Zootopia’s “Try Everything”, or Encanto’s “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, there’s truly something for everyone at the Disney Animation Immersive Experience.

Overall, the Disney Animation Immersive Experience is a breathtaking experience to see some of my favourite Disney movies in a fully 360 degree room. It gave new life to these films and made me remember just how BIG these films felt growing up and how even as an adult I’m still able to appreciate them because of the fact that these films are all technical marvels in their creation and in their ambition to always go above and beyond and push the medium forward.

Tickets start at $37, which includes basic admission. Premium Plus Tickets are also available for $46 that includes an exclusive Disney Animation Immersive Experience print, a branded cushion to use during the show, and an interactive wristband that glows with the show. VIP tickets are also available for $89 and includes free return visits, a VIP souvenir laminate, an exclusive Disney Animation Immersive Experience print, a branded cushion to keep, an interactive wristband, access to a VIP exclusive viewing platform, skip the line privileges, complimentary coat check, and concierge service. Buy tickets here.



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