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Jenn Grant Shares New Duet With Bahamas Titled “All Of This Time”

By: Staff –

Jenn Grant has shared a new track titled “All Of This Time”, which serves as an enchanting duet with the Grammy nominated artist Bahamas. 

The pair wrote this song together one summer’s afternoon at Jenn’s studio on Lake Echo, Nova Scotia. Whilst this is definitely a pure love song, it drifts very close to a heartbreaking shore too. Grant says: “So wonderful to spend an afternoon working up this little ditty with Bahamas.  I will never forget coming up with that chorus together in our little studio singing in harmony. His voice felt like a big ship taking me out to sea.  Watching him play guitar, and then casually stroll over to the piano to add little bits of music here and there was mesmerizing. He thought he was just tickling the ivories, playing a few notes here and there for fun. We kept everything.”

Bahamas goes on to say: “So great to spend an afternoon with JG and sing together. I think this song officially qualifies as a ‘ditty.’ Wish we had more time to write a bridge but the guys upstairs at corporate had us working to a tight deadline. Hope you enjoy the results!”

A ‘documentary’ style video accompanies the track, featuring three couples looking back at their collective lives together.  A short piece of cinematic beauty, full of inspiration, joy and bittersweet moments of real love and loss.  Directed and edited by Irish filmmaker Christopher Luke, and filmed on location in Nova Scotia by Daniel Ledwell, the interviews were conducted by Grant herself.  

Christopher Luke commented of the process: “This is a video that celebrates the enduring power of love and the beauty of commitment. Through the telling of their stories, we see the beauty and complexity of love, and we are reminded of the importance of kindness, communication, and patience in building a lasting bond. I’m very grateful to Jenn and all who participated, it was a privilege to work with such candour.”

“All Of This Time” is the third offering from Jenn Grant’s upcoming album, Champagne Problems, which is set for release on June 21st, 2023. Pre-Order Champagne Problems here



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