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Exclusive: Stream Duke & Goldie’s New Curated “Tunes For Night Drives” Spotify Playlist

To celebrate the release of Duke & Goldie’s new single “Rocky Mountain Feeling”, the musical duo of Eric “The Duke” Duquette and Jena “Goldie” Gogo curated a brand new Spotify playlist featuring songs that are perfect for any late night drive.

The Sadies – “Riverview Fog”

This song, and really the whole album, has been a go-to of ours for night drives for many years now. The song feels like a mystical hike through the cosmos, guided by Dallas’ otherworldly voice. The ambient, phasing guitars in the background are like a warm gentle evening breeze gently nudging you ahead on your journey. The song is emotional to listen to now, and is a reminder of the fragility of it all now that Dallas has left us. 

Matt Mays – “Tall Trees”

The first time I ever hit the road was with Matt Mays for an epic 5 or 6 week trip across Canada and back. I had never been west of Toronto before then, so to say it was a transformative experience would be an understatement. Matt and his band taught me the ways of the road, and though I came home from tour exhausted and with one less tooth, its an experience I’ll cherish forever. This one is just pure rock jam, like a strong cup of gas station coffee coursing through your veins propelling you forward.


Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – “Midnight Rider”

When I was a teenager, growing up in Victoria, BC, I sang in a soul cover band called The Midnights. Naturally (pun intended) the other girls and I LOVED Sharon Jones, so when she came to town to play at Victoria Jazz Fest, we were front row centre. Along with the other girls, my friend and brilliant artist Claire Davis and I busted out our elaborate choreography that we had come up with for every song, and next thing we know, the Dap Kings, who always warmed up the crowd before Sharon came on, invited us up on stage to dance. This would have made our year as it was, but later on, when we were back in the crowd and Sharon was on stage mesmerizing everyone, she heard our three and four part harmonies coming from the front row. This was back when Sharon was still breaking out, and before she was travelling with backup singers. After holding her microphone down towards us asking if the crowd “could hear that!? They know the harmonies to all of my songs!!” she insisted we come up on stage AGAIN to join her for one of our FAVOURITE songs as her backup singers. It was a dream come true for us young women with aspirations to have our own bands one day. Sharon singing anything is a jam, so check out all of her albums if you haven’t, may she rest in peace ❤️ This cover of hers is one of my favourites to bop along down the highway to.


Little Feat – “Willin”

And I’ve been from Tuscon to Tucumcari, Tehachapi to TonoRest In Peacewell George on this classic track. When you’re out there late at night, it can feel pretty lonely sometimes. So when Lowell’s gravely, approachable voice comes on over the speakers you feel like you have a companion in your passenger’s seat. A true road dog by your side who’s been everywhere and seen it all to help see you through. His use of long, little known city names in the chorus is truly no small feat of lyricism.

Nikki Lane – “ Highway Queen”

I met Nikki late one night after closing up a bar in Toronto I used to help run. I was certainly feeling no pain when my friend introduced me to her, and the two of us ended up jamming into the wee hours of the morning. I hadn’t yet heard her music but you better believe I was blown away, and doing everything I could to improvise harmonies to every song she pulled out. Nikki has since logged countless thousands of miles touring, and has a serious knack for writing a road song. The opening ethereal pedal steel lick sounds like headlights firing up, and illuminate the endless expanse of road stretching forward as you carry on your journey. The chorus is so affirming, that by osmosis you feel like you’ve become queen of the highway yourself as your foot can’t help but lean a little more heavily on the gas.

– Jena

Jim Sullivan – “Highways”

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Jim Sullivan’s music through a few music connoisseur friends of mine. I became so enamoured with this album, it led me to do some research into the little known songwriter’s back story, which in turn led to a song on our new album called “UFO”. I won’t ruin the story for you, but suffice to say that Jim’s life story played out eerily similar to his music and lyrics. A few hours into a long night drive, you can’t help but gaze off into space momentarily beyond the road and this song is the perfect flying saucer to carry your imagination to thoughts about the mysteries and secrets of the night sky.


Elton John – “Daniel”

My shoulders always instantly relax the moment that the gentle electric piano chords pluck out the subtle melody at the start of the song. “Daniel you’re a star on the face of the sky”, is beautiful in how simple and poetic it is. We’ve all heard Elton John belting out his hits on the radio so much that it can almost feel oversaturated. This was the song of his that made me become a true fan of his.


First Aid Kit – “The Lion’s Roar”

As one of three sisters who all sing, I am a true sucker for sister bands, and fell in love with Johanna and Klara- the two Swedish sisters who make up First Aid Kit, from their earliest record. I could pop on any one of their albums for a drive, but this song chugs along with conviction and builds into such a strong chorus, swapping versus between the two sings and tying it all together with their signature harmonies throughout.


Khruangbin, Leon Bridges – “Texas Sun”

I got to watch Khruangbin play live last summer (sans Leon, unfortunately) at a beautiful outdoor venue as the sun set behind the mountains in Vancouver, BC. Maybe you drive so late that the sun is now even rising, or at least that’s what it feels like when this comes on.

– Jena

Chilliwack – “Fly At Night”

The best part about living back on the west coast is being close to my family on the island. One of the great perks of this is getting to play shows with my Dad, John Gogo, aka the Western Balladeer! He and my mom always had Chilliwack as a staple on rotation for our family growing up and we love to bust this cover out when we play shows together. What more do you want from a song on a night drive?? “Time is just a rubber band, time is at our command. Yeah we fly by night, it makes you feel alright, it keeps you coming back for more!”




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