Curtis Sindrey [Founder/Editor-In-Chief]
Gigo Elmoselhi [Designer]

Lucy Sky [Writer]
Adam Harrison [Writer/Photographer]
Dale Benvenuto [Photographer]
Angelo Marchini [Photographer]
Steve Danyleyko [Photographer]
Josh Moody [Photographer]

Morgan Hotston [Photographer]
Alyssa Balistreri [Photographer]

Jon Wishart [Photographer]
Theo Rallis [Photographer]

Rick Clifford [Photographer]
Justin Roth [Photographer]

Joshua Mellin [Photographer]
Matt Thompson [Photographer]
Ray Ahner [Photographer]

Saidy Lopez [Photograher]
Claudia Kielb [Photographer]
Janine Wong [Photographer]
Brandon Newfield [Photographer]
Morgan Hotston [Photographer]
Anthony D’Elia [Photographer]
Kelsey Giesbrecht [Photographer]
Janine Van Oostrom [Photographer]
Theresa Shim [Photographer]
Stephan Ordonez [Photographer]
Francesca Ludikar [Photographer]
Katrina Lat [Photographer]
Josh Ladouceur [Photographer]
Shahnoor Ijaz [Photographer]
Kylee Winn [Writer/Photographer]
David Scala [Photographer]
Brendan Albert [Photographer]
Alex Lam [Photographer]
Charito Yap [Photographer]
Katie Kuropas [Photographer]
Priti Shikotra [Photographer]
Gwendolyn Lee [Photographer]
Steven Shepherd [Photographer]
Krystyn Bristol [Photographer]
Kari Terzino [Photographer]
Sam Lichtenstein [Photographer]
Caitlin Molton [Photographer]
Gavin Cragie [Photographer]
Rossi Ivanova [Photographer]
Callum Baker [Photographer]
Jamie Limbright [Photographer]
Callie Craig [Photographer]
Kris Fuentes-Cortes [Photographer]
Brigid Gallagher [Photographer]
Tim Nguyen [Photographer]
Emily Chin [Photographer]
Isaac Wray [Photographer]
Natasha Prakash [Photographer]
Kevin Tosh [Photographer]
Gina Garcia [Photographer]
Danica Bansie [Photographer]
Mark Ashkinos [Photographer]
Tony Contini [Photographer]
Alex Bear [Photographer]
Graham Finney [Photographer]
Daniel Hager [Photographer]
Leanne Green [Photographer]


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  1. Hello,

    I was interested in featuring by concert photography on your site and cross promotion on social media with tags.

    I shoot in the metro Detroit area as well as Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Cleveland, Oh, Chicago and Toronto.

    Please check out my portfolio at

    Attila Hardy
    Sonic Live Media

    Posted by Attila Hardy | July 23, 2018, 3:10 pm

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