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Canada’s National Photographers Association Appeal Decision To Prohibit Photographers From Tragically Hip Concert

By: Staff – The News Photographers Association of Canada (NPAC) is voicing its concern over a decision to not allow photographers representing independent news outlets access to the final concert of Canada’s iconic Canadian rock group The Tragically Hip taking place later today in Kingston, Ontario. Instead, organizers are offering handout images from the tour photographer. NPAC is lobbying for at … Continue reading

Concert Review: Why Wolfe Island Music Festival is Ontario’s Best Kept Secret

By: Daniel Gerichter (@ZenDonut) – While taking in a late-afternoon set by Lowell, a black dog weaved its way through my legs. The little guy seemed to always know exactly where he was headed and trotted freely among hundreds of music fans, vendors and artists. It was the perfect snapshot and the perfect metaphor for the Wolfe Island Music … Continue reading