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Photos: Digital Dreams Music Festival (Day 2)

By: Shannon Reid (@allisplural) –

The Junkies, LUSH, Marcus Visionary, Damn Kids got things started on day two of the Digital Dreams Music Festival and by 6:00pm the crowd was colourful, energetic and thick with brewing excitement – the festival was nearing to a close. Leaving The House of Boom meant turning an affectionate ear away from delicious break-beats and towards the Dreams Stage where Mord Fustang would begin his set.

Along the way I popped bubbles blown by fluorescent fairy girls (not their ‘official’ name) and dodged the opportunity to bomb the ever popular instagram selfies. There’s one thing to be said about this generation, they prefer to be in control of their image. As Mord Fustang’s set began I watched the red and white roman-esque dance goddesses jump, whip and pump the crowd up for his steady beat. Like a steady strong hammering of nails, this was the beat that Fustang built.

Flosstradamus’ performance was one of the shows you needed to see. If you missed it and you didn’t hit the after party at The Hoxton with Dillon Francis, you missed a killer show! Inside The House of Boom their sounds made the crowd bounce. Their Chi-Town synergy seductively possessed T dot’s innards. It was a super, hot, sexy-mess of a show!

People chanted, “Ti-es-to, Ti-es-to, “ and before I knew it there was mayhem! Like the running of the bulls, Tiesto’s beats generated energy up against a crowd that lived and breathed for it. The people were bubbling over the gates, boyfriends steadied their girlfriends on their shoulders and the energy was electrifying! Fire, fireworks, smiles, laughter and dancing was infectious and the momentum never stopped!



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