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Album Review: Dinosaur Bones – “Shaky Dream”

By: Shelby Monita (@shelbymonita) –

After releasing their debut album, My Divider, in 2011, Dinosaur Bones’ are back with Shaky Dreams. Recorded in Texas and produced by John Congleton (Explosions in the Sky, The Walkmen), the new album by this Toronto four piece is familiar and comfortable for any indie rock fan.

The first track “Dreamer’s Song” sets the tone of the album. It begins with the haunting, dragged out vocals of lead singer Ben Fox to the heavy beat that starts off slow, then moves into a faster, more hopeful swing. Reminiscent of The Walkmen or The National, Dinosaur Bones proves that they have done their research and found the formula for a depression soaked dream album, perfect for the soundtrack to the next season of GIRLS.

Then there is the song “Sleepsick” which is an ideal title for a collection of songs that are sure to put a person into a sonically-induced haze. Despite it’s simple verse-chorus construction, it’s the loud and chaotic refrain of “sleeping all day, hiding from the light outside. Come waste the day with me, wait for the night” being belted out with passion and enthusiasm that makes a convincing argument that is heavy on the eye-lids.

“So Brand New” is a rescue from the rest of the album. With the use of nice summer riffs and soft vocals, the song floats in and out of your eardrums. Though this feeling doesn’t last as the album marches on without much inspiration.

While Shaky Dreams isn’t as memorable as their debut album, which beautifully combined engaging pop sensibilites with the pounding force of rock, it shouldn’t be written off completely. There is talent with the musicianship of bassist Branko Scekic, keyboardist David Wickland, drummer Lucas Fredette, and guitarist Josh Byrne, and Fox’s beautiful voice that accompanies it. In the future Dinosaur Bones will be able to finely tune their sound and will create something that won’t get lost in the mix of similarly sounding indie rock bands. Though for now if you want to have some background music while you tan in the sun or if you’re hiding out from it, this album will suit you well.

Essential Tracks: “Dreamer’s Song”,  “Sleepsick” and “So Brand New”.


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