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Pierce the Veil announce new album “Misadventures”

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Pierce The Veil. (LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Fuentes, Vic Fuentes, Tony Perry, Jaime Preciado)

Pierce The Veil. (LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Fuentes, Vic Fuentes, Tony Perry, Jaime Preciado)

Pierce the Veil has announced their new album, Misadventures, which is set to be released on May 13 via Fearless Records.

Check out the band’s video announcement here  http://piercetheveil.net, with pre-order information for Misadventures to be announced shortly.

The first single from Misadventures will be “Texas is Forever,” a punk-flavored song that goes back to the band’s roots, and, according to the band, is a song that begs to be played live. It also happens to be the fastest song they’ve ever written. “Texas is Forever” will be released on March 24.

For Misadventures, the band – Vic Fuentes (vocals, guitar), Tony Perry (guitar), Jaime Preciado (bass), and Mike Fuentes (drums) – worked again with Dan Korneff who co-produced Collide and recorded at his Long Island studio on and off between Summer 2014 and Summer 2015.

“It was exciting to do another record with Dan,” said Vic Fuentes. “We had gotten to know him really well on ‘Collide,’ so there wasn’t that initial period where you’re trying to get to know each other. We just dove in and started to make music right away.”

Initial plans were for Misadventures to be released earlier, but touring commitments and the band’s conscious decision to take their time to make the album the very best it could be, both musically and lyrically, set a different course. Vic Fuentes explains, “We went into this record wanting to top the last one, which we try to do with every record, and we kept setting the bar higher and higher.”

Vic Fuentes’ search for inspiration took him to a number of places to write the lyrics – New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, the Southern California mountain resort of Big Bear, Santa Barbara and Seattle.  “I wanted every song to have real meaning, and thought that in spending time in different places, I’d find new inspirations – that’s exactly what happened.”

The 11 songs on Misadventures find the band dealing with a variety of topics including self-worth and an individual’s ability to shine, the dream of leaving everything behind while you run away with the one you truly love, the challenge of outrunning betrayal, an undefined relationship, and the horror of the 2015 Paris attacks told from a hypothesized point of view.

Misadventures Track-Listing
1. Dive In
2. Texas is Forever
3. The Divine Zero
4. Floral & Fading
5. Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed
6. Circles
7. Today I Saw the Whole World
8. Gold Medal Ribbon
9. Bedless
10. Sambuka
11. Song for Isabelle


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