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Photos: Toronto ComiCon 2016 (Day 1)

By: Theresa Shim –

Tovah Feldshuh (The Walking Dead) at Toronto ComiCon 2016 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto on March 18, 2016. (Photo: Theresa Shim/Aesthetic Magazine)

Tovah Feldshuh (The Walking Dead) at Toronto ComiCon 2016 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto on March 18, 2016. (Photo: Theresa Shim/Aesthetic Magazine)

The crowd for day 1 of Toronto ComiCon rolled in at 4 p.m. and by 4:30pm, the 15,000 square foot space was filled with fans of all ages.

Day 1 is always just a pre-show of what’s to come, and Toronto ComiCon being one of the earlier conventions in the year is a precursor as to what fans can expect for the rest of this year.

If you attend, expect a lot of Star Wars. The fever hasn’t died down and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. There were many Rey cosplays in varying degrees, as well as people wielding lightsabers, representing both the Light and the Dark sides of the force. The 501st Legion members were in attendance. They are considered regulars at conventions and are often well-known for their immensely detailed Star Wars cosplay. As a Star Wars costuming fan club, their goal is to help others create the most authentic costumes and props possible. They are often the most sought after photo-ops on the floor, ranging from storm troopers to Sith Lords. Check out their site here:

Beyond Star Wars, there were a multitude of fandoms represented by passionate fans, such as Life is Strange, the episodic, narrative video game that captured many hearts; One-Punch Man, most recently achieving fame and popularity due to the very accurate anime adaptation of the manga; Fallout, represented by fans riding high off the most recent game release in the franchise; and The 100, a CW show (adapted from a book trilogy by Kass Morgan) that as acquired an extremely loyal and passionate following on the internet.

For Toronto Comicon and Fan Expo veterans, the first day tends to bring in less fans and less scheduled activities than the weekend dates. Saturday is expected to be the busiest day as an announcement was made saying that all advance Saturday tickets were sold out. That being said, Friday did have some attractive panels for fans: Q&A with The Walking Dead’s Tovah Feldshuh, Q&A with first-time convention attendee and Seinfeld star John O’Hurley, and Sketch Duel between artists Michael Walsh, Mike Rooth, and Adam Gorham.


Tovah Feldshuh is known for her role as Deanna Monroe in AMC’s The Walking Dead. In her panel, she expressed immense gratitude for her part in The Walking Dead and she remembered co-star and series lead, Andrew Lincoln to be extremely kind and decent in all aspects of life. Unfortunately, she does not offer much speculation on the upcoming episodes or the future of the characters on the show. Here are some excerpts from her Q&A:

  • On auditioning for parts:

“Of course we all audition. Marlon Brando auditioned for The Godfather. Kate Winslet auditioned for her part in Steve Jobs. The audition is a great friend to the actor. It lets you really feel whether you can bring something to this part. Also, I teach sometimes at Yale and I say, in the audition that part is yours. You may have it for five minutes or you may have it for five years. When you’re in that situation, you pluck it off the conveyer belt and make it yours.”

  • On her dream part:

“I would love to play St. Joan of Arc…or a central character on a series. That’s my next ambition, to be a regular, you-cannot-kill-her-off person.”

  • On writing essays and advice to students:

“You shouldn’t have your papers handed in until you’ve done three edits. Make it tight and concise.”

  • On why she thinks people enjoy The Walking Dead:

“We’re all going to die and we want to know how to live. Do we want to be a decent human being? Or do we want to become a robber, thug, or killer? … How do we live in a sea of opposition and a sea of threat? It’s an attractive enough question that 40 million people watch it a week.”

Feldshuh continued on to speak highly of her co-stars, her experiences on screen and on stage. Her career has spanned decades and she has received a fair share of recognition for her talent on Broadway, particularly her one-woman show Golda’s Balcony, which she was excited to announce she would be bringing to Toronto for two weeks from June 7 to June 19th this year. It will be held at The Greenwin Theatre, starring herself.

Toronto ComiCon continues today through Sunday.


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