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6 Must-See Artists at We Are FSTVL 2016

By: Kristen Fisher 

We Are FSTVL 2016

As We Are FSTVL reaches new heights, it reflects dance music at its apex, in a host of classic and current talent including Fatboy Slim, Steve Angello, Armand Van Helden, Henrik Schwarz, Maya Jane Coles, and more! The festival betters itself further on return to Upminster, Greater London the weekend of May 28-29 by building 5 new themed worlds on a restructured site.

This year’s festival will feature five new production zones have been individually crafted for 2016, with unique performers, mind blowing visuals, and state of the art production techniques set to create the ultimate clubbing environment. Logistical improvements such as enhanced queuing systems will also be implemented, as well as a 50 per cent increase in transport operation via buses and trains. With these improvements, and more surprises in store, this is one of the can’t-miss festivals of the year.

GW Harrison 

You may remember this up and coming London star from the We Are FSTVL 2015 main stage. He played a surprise set, and had the crowd going wild the whole way through.

With a club residency aged just 13 and a father that was heavily involved in the original rave scene, few origin stories are as rich as Harrison’s. Harrison was gifted his first set of Technics aged just 12 and has been surrounded by electronic music ever since. GW Harrison’s adaptive style will always be uplifting and always attempt to educate and as a result sees him with a very impressive diary of bookings, including We Are FSTVL 2016.

If you loved him in 2015, you’ll be even more impressed at what he has planned for 2016.

Enzo Siragusa

After 10 years involved in the underground club scene, Enzo Siragusa shows everyone the dedication and skill that comes with living and breathing the experience. Which is where Enzo’s own event FUSE came into production. By lining up guest DJ’s and Enzo’s own take on club beats, missing this set would be a sore mistake to say at the very least.

Carola Pisaturo

As a product of both Rome and Naples, Carola Pisaturo inherited the incredible liveliness that the two of these amazing cities are known for. Her passion for music is true devotion – a uniquely Italian mix that lies halfway between spirituality and sensuality.

By incorporating a sensual taste to the mixture of culture and attitude to the mixing booth; Pisaturo carves her own sonic path.

Don’t miss Carola Pisaturo bring her eclectic production and sound to We Are FSTVL 2016!

Barbara Tucker

Once in every generation something truly special comes along. Enter… Barbara Tucker. Tucker mesmerizes the senses and implements a talent for gifting the House genre a new name to compete with. Barbara Tucker is to House/Dance is what Stevie & Aretha is to soul. Trust me, no one will ever be disappointed with her performance.

Ollie Mundy

Vibrato, steel guitar and an echoing microphone…These Wild Plains will send shivers down your spine. By picking out scenarios that only happen in films, Mundy brings to life an effervescent reckoning full of promise and wonderment. Do not fear the hypnotic sensation that These Wild Plains will leave behind.

Greg Brockmann

Even though Brockmann is native to London and has established roots there, the south of France will always be his given birthplace. Somehow by defining the diverse reality that is subject to question within Brockmann’s music, the adolescent years have left their mark. Which in return have gifted Brockmann the ability to infuse heavy bass lines into the Techno forces that he conjures from his mind.


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