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Year in Review: The Best Concerts of 2016

Callie Craig

Artist: Cage the Elephant
Venue: UIC Pavilion
City: Chicago
Date: June 7

Cage The Elephant.

Cage the Elephant is not a band to leave its crowd disappointed.

Lead singer Matt Shultz rarely stands still on stage- his energy ricochets off of each and every member of the audience, fueling the show nonstop.


Artist: X Ambassadors
Venue: House of Blues
City: Chicago
Date: April 7

X Ambassadors. (Photo: Nick Walker)

Having never attended an X Ambassadors concert before, I didn’t know what to expect this April as they toured their VHS 2.0 album. Safe to say, I was completely blown away by the band’s ability to keep the crowd completely and utterly enamored from start to finish.

Whether rocking out to “Jungle” or swaying to “Unsteady”, X Ambassadors’ overflowing talent leaves the crowd breathless.


Artist: Chance the Rapper
Venue: Metro
City: Chicago
Date: July 31


Few things can compare to an artist performing in their hometown. Chicago came out in herds the moment Chance the Rapper announced the show for later that night, and to top it all off, the die-hard Chance fans were the ones with the tickets.

This adventure set the tone for this show; each audience member felt incredibly special to be there. Chance played crowd favorites, including songs off of his then-recently released mixtape Coloring Book.


Artist: Twin Peaks
Venue: Moonlight Studios
City: Chicago
Date: June 2


In early June, Twin Peaks teamed up with Tumblr IRL to bring a unique experience to Chicago.

The at the show’s center was a set from the guys of Twin Peaks, who blew everyone away with their energy and stage presence.

In addition the show had an art installation from artist Bae Cutler, as well as a photographic exhibit from Daniel Topete, giving a Behind the Scenes look at tour life with Twin Peaks.


Artist: Catfish and the Bottlemen
Venue: SSE Arena Wembley
City: London
Date: November 15


Catfish and the Bottlemen took to the stage at a sold out SSE Arena show this November, and left no audience member dissatisfied.

Between the 15 inflatable alligators confiscated by security (representing the alligator on their sophomore album, The Ride) and the thousands of people that knew every lyric, CATB proved their worth to the music scene yet again.


One thought on “Year in Review: The Best Concerts of 2016

  1. Bush lead singer in Abbotsford the best ! Went into crowd. Amazing !!

    Posted by rocket | August 29, 2018, 8:22 pm

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