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Year in Review: The Best Concerts of 2017

Best Concerts Of 2017

We invited our team of contributors to share some of their favourite concerts of 2017. Many identify with their top picks on a personal level where a concert was the highlight of their year. For some, their list represents a culmination of 2017’s hard work; and others select clear stand-outs amidst the transforming process of discovering new music.

Every one of these lists is vital to what we do, and represents the various ways in which our contributors interact with the global music community on behalf of Aesthetic Magazine. Our contributors come from different backgrounds, but our passion for music brings us together to inform, engage, grow, learn from each other, and to share our experiences with our readers.

Thank you for reading Aesthetic Magazine, and see you all in 2018!

Click each name to view each contributors’ picks for the best concerts of 2017:

Melanie Escombe
Joanna Glevakos
Harrison Haines
Tim Nguyen
David Scala
Priti Shikotra
Julian Avram


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