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Stream Yoke Lore’s Essential Snow Day Playlist!

By: Staff 

Yoke Lore. (Photo: Shervin Lainez)

Yoke Lore. (Photo: Shervin Lainez)

“Snow days are about warmth,” says rising indie pop singer-songwriter Yoke Lore. “Sure, it’s cold outside, the snow is piling up, and the roads are freezing over. All those outside threats cause us to go inside and look for safety. Safety in other arms. Safety in blankets, and fires, and hot drinks, and the thick, soft foam of love. These songs mean warmth to me.”

Yoke Lore is the musical venture of Adrian Galvin (previously of Walk the Moon and Yellerkin). His Far Shore EP achieved over four million Spotify streams, three Hype Machine top ten singles, and songs from the EP were featured in MTV’s The Real World and Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet. Galvin’s newest EP, Goodpain, has racked up over millions of Spotify streams and the title track from the EP hit #1 on HypeMachine.

Galvin’s music is the perfect accompaniment to winter weather – it’s jangly banjo’s with textures of electronica and layers of indie rock – makes me want to run away to a cabin in the woods and sit by a roaring fire with a cup of hot cocoa!

Check his playlist of the essential songs for the perfect snow day below!

“I Feel Like Makin Love” – Roberta Flack
Her voice is just as warm as the sentiment. It’s sultry, like hot chocolate.

“Gravity Rides Everything” – Modest Mouse
This song is like a blanket for me. The reversed melodies make me feel like I am always rising, but never really leaving the ground. It almost keeps me levitating. Those acoustic guitars that just ride this song down the entire time are like a covering – whatever you do, they are there for you, so you don’t hit the ground too hard. It’s a water song, but it’s not the kind of water that’s fast and powerful. It’s the kind like snow when it gets soft and aquarian, like snow.

“Love Songs for Robots” – Patrick Watson
There is a graceful threat to this song. Almost an accepted condemnation. It’s sad in its desolation and beautiful in its confrontation.

“Snowday” – Yoke Lore
I wrote this about falling in love on a snow day. In New York City, there is little that compares to being outside really late at night in a heavy snowfall. The city gets deserted, and it gets so quiet. The city becomes a husk. I was there to fill it with lust, admiration, excitement, and all that comes with finding someone who you can share yourself with truly. Maybe this song can give you a bit of that.

“Maggot Brain” – Funkadelic
Sometimes, I listen to this song and just take 10 minutes to myself. Almost a meditation or something. This song is an intimate saga of human proportion and tension. It dives, it sails, and it wails and fights, but it remains and remains. It’s haunting. Listening to this song in the snow is like telling ghost stories in the dark. Snow days are a time to go inside and be wrapped up, close to the ground, still.



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