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Exclusive Premiere + Q&A: Stream Letters From Pluto’s New Single “Stop and Stare”

By: Curtis Sindrey –

Letters From Pluto

Letters From Pluto

Edmonton-based indie pop/rock/electronic artist Letters From Pluto will release her brand new single “Stop and Stare” on April 19th, but you can listen to it a day in advance exclusively on Aesthetic Magazine below! In addition, check out our Q&A below about Space X, her favourite space movie, the meaning of “Stop and Stare” and more!

  1. Have you been following the Space X launches? What do you think of humans travelling to mars?

As my name is Letters From Pluto, if I didn’t follow Space X, I’d consider myself a fraud! Haha. I follow Space X and Elon Musk on every form of social media that I can! I watched the Falcon Heavy launch live and just about cried it was so beautiful. When they started playing “Life on Mars” by David Bowie (one of my favourite songs ever), and had Starman sitting in the Tesla hovering above the earth, I felt like I was dreaming. Just knowing that humans put a Tesla in Space and that it’ll be flying through our galaxy for a billion years, is incredible and also difficult to wrap my head around.

In terms of humans travelling to Mars — that’s a tough one. I’ve always been mesmerized by everything to do with Space and the idea that humans will discover the unknown is incredible and also terrifying. If I were approached to live on Mars, I’d probably turn it down. The idea of living in an enclosed building at all times, never being able to step “outside”, never being able to go in the ocean, never being able to breathe fresh air, all sounds incredibly claustrophobic to me. Whoever the people are that make the decision to travel to Mars and live there are incredibly brave.

  1. What’s your favourite space travel movie? (Mine is 2001: A Space Odyssey)

I recently just watched 2001: A Space Odyssey for the first time and I loved it! I also really love Interstellar, I think that movie is a complete masterpiece in every way. But the crown for my favourite Space travel movie goes to The Martian! I honestly think The Martian is the perfect movie. It has plenty of humour, adventure, trials, tribulations, and it shows the true strength of the human spirit. It’s also incredibly smart, which I love. Pretty much every part of that movie is true to science, which makes it even more impactful. The Martian could actually happen in real life and that’s both incredible and terrifying! (If you like the movie, I also suggest reading the book! Even MORE happens to Watney, poor guy).

  1. How did your single “Stop and Stare” come to be? What is it about?

The whole idea of “Stop and Stare” came to me from a particular situation last year. Ever have a moment where someone can’t quite take their eyes off you for one reason or another and you think “could you Stop and Stare any longer?” That’s what this song is about. I remember it so vividly and the song came together pretty quickly after that.

  1. What has the creative process been like for these three new singles?

Growth. Evolution. Expansion. Those all sounds pretty vague, but in terms of where I was when I wrote all my previous music, to where I am now, I’ve grown tremendously as a person and artist. I feel like my direction, style and personal messages are far more clear than they were when I started! When I first started, I wasn’t totally sure of the direction I wanted to take myself, and now that feels more clear than ever. When I work with a producer, I know exactly what I’m looking for and how I want to relay that to the audience. In terms of “Stop and Stare”, I knew that would be the title of the song even before the rest of it was written, I wanted that to be the focal point. For my next two singles, which will remain nameless for the time being, I wanted to elicit more of a feeling and message. I can’t wait for you to hear them!

  1. Your video for “Cold Right Now (Redekopp Remix)” has strong sci-fi vibes. How did the video concept come about?

Thank you! That was exactly the sort of vibe I was going for. As my artist name is Letters From Pluto and I adore sci-fi, it was the perfect opportunity for me to really drive that home. I wanted a sort of we’re-not-in-kansas-anymore vibe about the video, and introduce the all in black figure. What is it? What does it want? Maybe it will make an appearance again, so keep your eyes peele


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