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3 Ways Gaming Can Connect You to Music

By: Staff –

With such a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips with the internet and the resources it provides, we have the entire history of music in our hands. There has never been a better way to connect with bands and artists and immerse ourselves in the culture that music evokes. But, as well as sites that offer streaming of music, the latest music news and information on upcoming events and tours, you can even play with music. Matching up gaming with music is another way that the internet allows us to adopt new interests through our current ones.

Music Based Apps

The Anytune app allows users to play along with songs at their own speed and proves a beneficial resource for aspiring musicians or anyone learning to read and play music. The Drum Hero app takes advantage of the popularity of the gameplay of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, which feature gamers ‘playing’ instruments to advance through levels, compete with friends, and gain points. To connect even further with music, Voloco offers a karaoke and autotune functionality that allows players to sing the hits of their favourite Canadian stars such as Celine Dion, Drake, and Justin Bieber. Technology has come far enough to allow anyone to perfect their musical abilities with just a flick on their smartphones.   

Online Casino

Online casino also allows players to embrace music while gaming. As the All Slots review shows, online casino developer Microgaming has an impressive roster of slot games utilising the newest technologies, some of which focus on using music to enhance the video slot graphics and gameplay style. For example, the Guns N Roses slot game utilises imagery and musical tones associated with the band, while the Jimi Hendrix online slot attempts to introduce a new audience of gamers to the icon that is Jimi Hendrix. By merging the gameplay and technology of online casino with something as universally accessible as music, those unfamiliar can ease themselves into either world.   

And with these kinds of slots becoming more popular and with such a range of online casino games to choose from, those that offer free spins for Canadians attempt to stand out in order to initially attract players, who will then be able to select the musical themed slot game for them.  

Console Gaming

No mention of additional ways to connect to music can be complete without the multitude of ways console gaming utilises music. While games such as Singstar and Guitar Hero (including the Aerosmith, Van Halen, and Metallica versions) helped introduce people to music they were unfamiliar with through fun gameplay, Dance Dance Revolution, Just Dance, DJ Hero and even Audiosurf, which turned music into puzzles, added different dimensions to what playing music could mean. As the way in which music is made changes (e.g. the rise in DJs and producing your own music), the way in which games developers can utilise these changes to create games will also be seen.   

Aside from actually listening to it, there are dozens of ways to play with music – including apps available on iOS and Android smartphone systems, ranging from the niche to the more mainstream ways to connect with music. 


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