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Arctic Monkeys and Music’s Ongoing Love Affair With Casino Glamour

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Arctic Monkeys.

Arctic Monkeys.

They’ve come a long way since I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor.If you had said back in 2006 that four cheeky scallywags from Sheffield called Arctic Monkeys would become one of the most intriguing bands of the 21stcentury and develop a chameleon-like ability to shift their style, many may have laughed at you.

There was no doubting their talent but who could have predicted they would leap from the frantic, excitement of their first two records into the stoner rock ofHumbug? Or even from the Britpop jangle of Suck It And Seeonto the stadium strut of AM? Yet, with their latest effort Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino, it seems like they may well have pulled it off again. Reviewers have talked up the record and its new direction for the band, from its loose concept to even its “lounge jazz” vibe.

Source of inspiration

A footnote to this latest stylistic shift, however, is how both the title and apparent feel of the album has seen Arctic Monkeys become just the latest in a long line of bands to embrace the world of casinos as a source of inspiration.

The worlds of music and gambling have an enduring relationship which covers so many areas. For example, just take a look at the artists from Celine Dion and Britney Spears to Blink 182 and Queen, who have been involved in – or, in terms of the latter, are set to take on– a residency in Las Vegas. Music is important to the games that people play too. While Microgaming may be known for creating an online slot offering one of the largest jackpots online, the developer was also behind a game based on the hit musical Phantom of the Opera. Some bands like Guns N Roses, Kiss, Aerosmith and even doom metal merchants Candlemass have also been actively involved in the creation of official games featuring their brands and music.

A long relationship

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra

The links between music and the glitz and glamour of casinos are more than just a recent development, however. Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack are, of course, synonymous with the world of gambling due to their enduring legacy in Las Vegas, with their influence perhaps being a core factor behind why music remains so important in the so-called Sin City. Elvis Presley famously sang about the “bright light city” too and his links to the location are also steeped in history.

Stepping forward in time, a hit song like The Gamblerby Kenny Rogers again showcased how musicians cannot help but turn to casinos for inspiration, while a new generation of acts from The Clash to (of course) Motorhead are also famous for having card-related songs which are key to their back catalogue. Finally, recent music videos from Bruno Mars’s 24K Magic to, rather imaginatively, Money On My Mindby Sam Smith have also showcased that modern musicians continue to be drawn to the lights of the casino.

A new name on the list

All of the above highlights how Arctic Monkeys are undoubtedly joining a varied and fairly prestigious list of acts who have looked to casinos as a source of some inspiration. The big question now, however, is whether Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino can prove to be as enduring as some of the music and artists that the band can now count themselves among.




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