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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Brava Kilo’s Experimental New Song “Waltz Ya Gonna Do”

By: Staff –

Brava Kilo

Brava Kilo

Brava Kilo’s “Waltz Ya Gonna Do?” delivers with an astounding jazz, electronic and r&b fusion. The harmonies are soft but linger. The Moog’s melodic line is soothing, a gentle touch that keeps the listener captivated as if they were lost in a 1950’s David Lynch dreamscape. “Waltz Ya Gonna Do?” elegantly manages to be both nostalgic and also geared towards music’s genre-bending future. Brava Kilo creates a tapestry of sound as he utilizes a wide range of instruments and techniques ranging from cellos to sample manipulation and the saxophone to a Fender Rhodes. Such a fusion of sounds is ambitious and Brava Kilo pulls it off as he stands out as an emerging leader in the field of experimental music. Stream the track exclusively below!

“Waltz Ya Gonna Do?” is beautifully modern yet reminiscent of past fusions of jazz, electronica and r&b,” says Kilo. “The layering of sounds is utterly important, but so is the time that passes between the creation of the layers. I hear some of the earlier ideas, and they’re full of tension – I was still figuring out the right tone and voice for all this. Fast forward to the elements added later in the process and there’s a freedom and playfulness as I was moving musically much more freely. That juxtaposition of tension and freedom is present in every piece here. It’s more important to the overall sound than anything else.”

Better known until now by his given name Brian Kobayakawa, Brava Kilo has made a life in music for over 15 years, as one of Toronto’s most in demand session bassists and as a composer. After studying jazz at Humber College and while studying composition at the University of Toronto, he co-led his band The Creaking Tree String Quartet on a 10 year run that included 4 albums, 4 JUNO Award nominations and 4 Canadian Folk Music Award wins. That outfit was a progressive acoustic ensemble that deftly veered through instrumental bluegrass and jazz and chamber music, and it led to his notoriety in Canada’s roots music scene as both a bassist and composer. From there he focused for the next several years on sideman work with some of Canada’s best known singer/songwriters, most notably touring the world with pop star Serena Ryder, with whom he has played bass and synthesizers for the last five years. Now, with this release he welcomes the next stage of his career, as a solo artist with something to say who’s only just begun.



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