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The Clash: All the Albums All the Songs


The Clash: All the Albums All the Songs

Have a dad that loves punk rock music? Martin Popoff’s new book “The Clash: All the Albums All the Songs” is the perfect gift for him. The Clash: All the Albums All the Songs is the definitive book for any Clash fan because of its pull no punches approach to chronicling ALL the songs and album the UK quartet released during the late ’70s and ’80s.

Established in 1976 at the fore London’s punk rock insurgence, The Clash would outlast their peers while creating some of the most influential albums in rock ‘n’ roll history. Author Martin Popoff dissects each of the Clash’s ninety-one studio tracks, examining the circumstances that led to their creation, the recording processes, the historical contexts and more.

Illustrated with rare performance and offstage photography, along with images of seven-inch singles sleeves and gig posters, the resulting volume is a fitting tribute to the foursome whose staunch political stance and groundbreaking amalgam of punk, rockabilly, reggae and hip-hop earned the title, “The Only Band That Matters.”

Available at Amazon $20

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