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Exclusive Premiere: Stream CARES’ New Album “Regular Unconscious”

By: Staff –

Cares. (Photo: Anthony Abbatangelo)

Regular Unconscious, the sophomore full-length from Toronto artist Cares, is an album of emotional electronics processing a fractured reality. Stressful ambience. The mood shifts between frantic and serene, finding catharsis and energy in exorcising the overload of contemporary life. Stream it exclusively on Aesthetic Magazine below!

Regular Unconscious is inspired by subconscious states, late capitalist absurdity, and the hyperconnected anxiety of digital culture, all funnelled into 11 tracks of impressionistic sound – jagged arpeggios, ominous meditations, and dislocated club sounds switch between harmony and conflict.

Cares’ musical background in UK art-punk, rave, and post rock is filtered through the lens of Toronto’s underground electronic scenes. Subjective and personal music anchored with uncertainty but not necessarily pessimism, Regular Unconscious documents human experience and emotion.

Of the album, Cares says:

Regular Unconscious is preoccupied with meaning – how no two people can truly understand something the same way. Meaning feels like it’s becoming increasingly fragile. The internet is changing how we think about truth. In 1918, the surrealists were reacting to a reality that was beyond comprehension. Now, everything is already surreal, so how do we respond?

By combining contradictory sounds or ideas, I’m trying to intuitively tap into complex or conflicting emotions that are difficult to articulate directly. Everything is approached from the perspective of trying to reflect or cause deep-seated responses.

A lot of the influences on this work have been media outside of music. The films, as well as the sound design, of David Lynch have always strongly influenced my work, as well as his impressionistic approach to creating. Outsider satire from the UK is also an influence – people like Chris Morris who satirize things from a warped and haunting perspective.



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