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Exclusive: Stream Conrad The Third’s New “Songs I Wish I Had Written” Playlist

By: Staff 

Conrad The Third

To celebrate the release of Toronto-based R&B singer/songwriter Conrad The Third’s new single “Get You Alone”, we enlisted him to curate an exclusive “Song I Wish I Had Written” Spotify playlist, which you can stream below!

“Get You Alone” is the lead single off of Conrads’ debut album Calm Waters. Born to a family of classical musicians, Conrad’s piano and acoustic-driven songs feature elements of r&b, funk & jazz with lyrics that touch on love, lust, loss and addiction.

“Sober” – Mahalia —>  Every now and then you hear a song that you wish you had written and this is one of them. ‘Sober’ helped me to make sense of a break-up and is my favourite track of Mahalia’s.

“Hold On To Me” – Kyle Dion —> I fell in love with 90s neo-soul guys like D’angelo and Maxwell growing up and both were huge musical inspirations when producing my upcoming album. In the same vein, Kyle Dion is a musician that can do no wrong in my eyes – I like to think that I’m alright at writing seductive songs about love and heartache but Kyle is on another level.

“Superman” – Louis Mattrs —> Just a dope song, this track gets me in the mood to sit down and put pen to paper. Not to mention that Louis rips the falsetto vocals as well as anybody.

“The List” – Moonchild —> I only found out about Moonchild a year ago and can’t get enough. The jazzy instrumentals and soulful vocals are right up my alley. Haven’t heard a song of theirs yet that I didn’t love.

“Where the Flowers Grow” – Marie Dahlstrom —> I’m listening to this song on repeat right now as I put together this playlist. Marie’s got an awesome vibe and her new album KANEL just came out. I’m loving it.

“Sharpness” – Jamie Woon —> I can’t listen to this song without thinking back to a moment in Calgary last summer, sitting in a basement studio with my producer Trey. We were trying to figure out what direction to go with the album and instead of getting to work we ended up jamming out to Jamie Woon for hours.

“What Went Wrong” – JP Cooper —> I think the simplest thing to say about this track is that it fits on this list perfectly. There’s a decent chance that I have JPs exact words on a piece of paper someplace in some unfinished song written and forgotten years ago.

“Shivers” – SG Lewis —> I listen to a lot of electronic music when I’m not writing or producing my own music and SG Lewis is my guy. He’s had some amazing collabs over the years and is a producer I’d love to work with someday. This is also JPs second appearance on this list but he has too much soul to not include another.

“Guillotine” – Jon Bellion —> If you know me you know that I love all things groove and funk. Jon Bellion’s voice is wicked and this is one of my favourite tracks.

“Someone That Loves You” – Honne  —> Fun fact: Honne is a Japanese word that describes the contrast between a person’s true feelings and desires, and the behaviour and opinions one displays in public.

“(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano” – Sampha  —> My mother was a singer and piano teacher, and I grew up learning and practicing on her piano every night. For whatever reason, no feel of a piano or keyboard since when touching the keys has been able to compare. When I sit down at home and play I immediately remember why I fell in love with songwriting.

“Find Me” – Forest Blakk —> Forest is a friend of mine and an incredibly talented lyricist. His spoken word song FIND ME is beautiful and mesmerizing. You have to listen closely to Forest’s words at all times so as not to miss the hidden messages he places throughout his songs.



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