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Stream Pearla’s Two New Singles “Forgive Yourself” & “Pumpkin”

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Pearla. (Photo: Dara Bankole)

Pearla. (Photo: Dara Bankole)

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Pearla has released two new singles, “Forgive Yourself” & “Pumpkin”, which you can stream below.

Today’s offerings follows “Somewhere,” an independent debut that organically stirred a slew of hype for Pearla’s gentle power. Pearla is currently working with producer Tyler Postiglione (Rektagon, Strange Loops, Mizuna) and mixer and producer Phil Joly (The Strokes, Ryan Adams and Lana Del Rey) on an upcoming full-length album.

Pearla is the music project of Nicole Rodriguez; she cites her late grandfather, musician Jeff Pearl, as the source of her homage-paying moniker. Fresh but deliberate, she blends elements of tender folk, infectious indie pop and playful psychedelia to create a vivid soundscape for listeners. Her dynamic voice delivers dreamlike lyrics with a delicate whisper one moment and an unwavering belt the next. Equal parts personal experience and imagination, her inventive approach incorporates sonic artifacts from all edges of the world — Tibetan sheep bells, screaming baboons, lap steels, synths and more. The result is a whirling balance of whimsy and emotion, a new world all her own.


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