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Exclusive: Stream Sophia Danai’s New Curated Playlist

By: Staff 

Sophia Danai

To celebrate the release of her new single “Guns and Gold”, Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Sophia Danai curated an exclusive playlist for Aesthetic Magazine. Check it out below!

The singer-songwriter started off like many other 20-year-old aspiring musicians, with the idea that fame was the ultimate goal. But after ending a tumultuous marriage and fighting her way out of a bad production deal, her view of success began to change. She found herself focusing more on her own personal path and message—letting her fans know they are not alone and that through challenges, they can learn to be more compassionate. With this new knowledge and mindset, Danai went back to school and took production/recording classes, realizing the importance of creating her own vision and defining her artistry.

Following up her debut single, “Come Thru”, Danai’s follow-up single “Guns & Gold” is a continuation of Danai’s message. It encompasses the fighting spirit she had to find within herself to continue to pursue her passion. The song is inspired by her love of MMA, she saw a likeness in the discipline and ferocious mentality needed in both industries, specifically for women. The music video that accompanies the single illustrates the power of women through physical prowess, motherhood, unity, and drive. This is the second single from her upcoming EP, Real Lies, set to be released March 2019.

Violent Crimes – Kanye West

Wow, this song. The ultimate love letter to his daughter. It just gives me all the feels- the father daughter bond is so strong, powerful and complicated. He really captured it for me, in everything with this track – lyrics, melodies – the intro. Truly a piece of art. 

Rose In Harlem – Teyana Taylor

Let’s be real – we all have been waiting on this woman’s album. After Kanye’s “Fade” video especially. She absolutely slayed her vocals, and her writing is incredible. I love her strength and power – she is a mthfkin superhero to me. This song in particular is an anthem for those making it happen for themselves, and conquering and roadblocks as they come. 

Know Better – Featuring Miloh Smith, Sean Leon and Julian thomas

Junia T is a friend and collaborator of mine – but honestly, if didn’t know him at all I would still be bumping this on repeat. Love the feel of this song and lo-fi old school vibe. It’s too fresh and all of the vocalists and MC’s kill it. Miloh Smith is an ultra boss chic, and I really get down with that!

After The Storm – Kali Uchis and Tyler The Creator

First of all I love these two artists, and Kali’s album is incredible. I love how soulful this song is, and Tyler kills the verse. Again, the message is, keep your head up, and I’m with that in a big way. 

Better Off – Ariana Grande

Arian is truly the queen of pop right now. Her vocals are the baddest in the game, and I love how much love and positivity she spreads in spite of all the incredibly challenging things she’s faced in the last while. It’s inspiring! This song really showcases a different part of her voice, and it’s just soothing AF.

Electricity – Dua Lipa, Silk City

This song feels like a classic throwback to me but yet so new and relevant. Dua kills the vocals and of course Diplo and Mark Ronson are an unstoppable team. This song just fills me with hope and makes me move, I love that feeling. I’m really into empowering songs that make my spirit feel lighter these days. I’m moving into a new phase.

Bodycount Remix – Jessie Reyez, Kehlani and Normani. 

I’m all about women supporting women – and these three bodied this song!! All of their verses are so unique and the message is STRONG and powerful. Love who we wanna love, yup!

Go To Town – Doja Cat

Doja Cat is dope! I love the humour of this song – and her flow is ridiculous. It’s educational for partners and fun to listen to. Go down, go down, go down… hahah you know what it is. 

Fake ID – Riton and Kah-LO

This song makes we wanna turn up and hit the dance floor, can’t be mad at that. Love Kah-Lo’s swagger and lyrics on this one.

Bad – Lennon Stella 

Her voice is so buttery and soulful. I love this debut track from her. Such brilliant songwriting and the catchiest of melodies. Lennon Stella is an artist to watch, and she’s the real deal. Her social media is full of clips of her and her guitar, and it’s magic! I always pay her music a visit when I need a pick me up. Music is Therapy!!



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