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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Schwey’s New Video for “Can’t Stop (The Groove)”

By: Staff –


Vancouver-based soul/funk group Schwey have dropped a new video for their brand new single “Can’t Stop (The Groove)”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Shot throughout their hometown of Vancouver, BC by Lester Lyons-Hookman the video for ‘Can’t Stop (The Groove)’ shows Schwey dancing through the city streets until dawn, introducing their playful side and proving the quite literally can’t stop their groove.

“We’ve never done a video at this scale before. Lester and Jeremy are truly talented, gifted, intelligent, and beautiful people – we’re so lucky to have worked with them,” says the band. “In the video, we try to keep the same energy as our live show and just do our thing. The van is borrowed from our family band “Winona Forever” – I think it’s broken down now (rip), this video is dedicated to that beautiful beast.”

Schwey is a band created out of necessity by Jacob Schwinghammer and Isaiah Dobbs. In its formative years, underground DIY venues were the only option for underage people to have a good time – the band crafted their soulful sound in the diverse yet unified underground scene, having to compete with the high energy of punk bands and clarity of rappers and DJs. Band members have come and gone, but the musicality has never faltered.


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