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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Victory Chimes’ New Video for “40 Days on the Bridge”

By: Staff –

Victory Chimes

Victory Chimes have released their new video for “40 Days on the Bridge”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

The song straddles the line between shoegaze haze, 80s deadpan pop, and swirling psych. This may have been labelled “space rock” once upon a time, before the genre fell out a categorical favour. The production is an example of stately professionalism, without losing a sense of emotion. There’s still a beating heart at the centre. “40 Days on the Bridge” is an affecting number, something that’s destined to stay with you. Something that won’t let you go.

“I love the tempo shifts of the song and the lyrics remind me of reflecting on past, fleeting moments”, says Darren Curtis, video director for “40 days on the bridge”. “I thought it would be fun to play with the contrast of the surreal, exhilarating and intoxicating first meeting of a new lover with more sombre, quiet moments of solitude. We based the look and feel on the king of cinematic longing, Wong-Kar Wai, and see the video as a tribute to his style of filmmaking. “

On the new track, the band says, “40 Days on the Bridge” is the synth shoe-gaze anthem closing the record, the last track on “Spinning Wheel”. “It’s a song about getting older and staying true to who are. As time passes the world can eat away at some of those childhood utopian dreams.  But only when we are faced with the reality of these dreams floating away do we see how important it is to hold on to these values and beliefs. Confronting one’s own idea of authenticity and the barriers, some self-imposed, that stand in the way can be difficult.  Sometimes, as the chorus goes, we need to “Break all the things in the house that we built to hide in” and “Tear up the flowers we planted to cover the dreaming.”

After the release of two EPs, Victory Chimes will release their debut full length album, Spinning Wheel, on Nov. 16th, 2018. With this new collection of songs the band is stepping into their own unique stride whilst blowing the minds of children throughout the universe.. along the way.



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