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Photos + Review: You Me At Six, Dreamers, Machine Heart @ The Opera House

Photos and Review by: Joanna Glezakos – 

TORONTO, ON - FEBRUARY 26: You Me At Six performs at The Opera House in Toronto on February 26, 2019. (Photo: Joanna Glezakos/Aesthetic Magazine)

TORONTO, ON – FEBRUARY 26: You Me At Six performs at The Opera House in Toronto on February 26, 2019. (Photo: Joanna Glezakos/Aesthetic Magazine)

Last night (Feb. 26th), UK’s You Me At Six brought their “Back Again Tour” to the Opera House in Toronto after a long four years away. The tour coincidentally shares its name with a single off their latest album “VI”, released in October of 2018, and feels appropriate after such a long stint away from this side of the world. It’s the only Canadian date of the tour and concert goers travelled upwards of three hours, some even crossing the border from Buffalo, NY just to see them.

It was a cold night as fans trickled into the venue and right up to the stage, with no barricade, they were able to get up close to a band they’ve been longing to see. Machineheart performed first, lead singer Stevie Scott’s voice so soft as she spoke between songs but felt ethereal belting beautiful melodies to their catchy electro-pop tracks. They mentioned their first studio album, People Change, which was released earlier this month, was recorded at The Tragically Hip’s Bathouse Studio in Kingston, ON and how they were excited to perform for fans for the first time in Canada. Once the stage was cleared and the lights dimmed, Alan Watt’s voice came through the speakers with a quote from ‘The Tao of Philosophy 5: Myth of Myself’ as the words “Who am I?” echoed through the room their bright purple sign lit up with “DREAMERS” and the crowd erupted with cheers of excitement; they seemed to be anticipating their performance just as much as the headliners as many concert-goers sang along to their songs. Both bands were a treat to watch and helped amp the crowd up for the electric performance they were about to experience.

As You Me At Six took the stage the crowd cheered and they went straight into performing the first track “Fast Forward” from their newest album to get the crowd dancing. Lead singer, Josh Franceschi’s stage presence is infectious, his charisma bursting at the seems as he connected with fans, singing directly to them and shaking hands with everyone in the first few rows. He smiled as fans belted the words back to him and offered them the mic to sing a few lines throughout their performance. Franceschi’s vocals were on point even through his many fan interactions including taking a beer from a fan, realizing it was a Molson Canadian, scrunching his nose and giving it back to much of the crowd’s amusement. Mid set he took a fans purse she had resting on the stage and pranced around with it jokingly before giving it back. They really put on a spectacular performance and went above and beyond trying to connect with the crowd.

Most of the songs they performed were off their most recently album and Franceschi joked “If you haven’t heard our new record yet, you’ve been sleeping” but they made time to include a few of their older fan favourites like “Lived a Lie”, “Take On The World” and “Bite My Tongue”. After an incredible 14 song set they returned for four more songs in their encore and ended the show with “Underdog” and a very sweaty Franceschi stage diving into the crowd. They mentioned this would most-likely be their last show ever in Toronto to many fans dismay but we’re hoping this wasn’t the last we see of You Me At Six in Canada.

You Me At Six


Machine Heart



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