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Podcast: Maddie and Carley of Teenage Dirtbagz review 1959 “beach party” classic, “Gidget”

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Teenage Dirtbagz Podcast - Gidget

In a new feature to Aesthetic Magazine, we are proud to announce that we are the new presenting partner for Toronto-based podcast Teenage Dirtbagz.

Your hosts, Maddie and Carley are just two teenagers in their twenties who are on a quest to watch and dissect the most iconic high school movies of all time!

In their brand new episode, which you can stream below, Maddie and Carley dissect the the 1959 “beach party” classic – Gidget. Said to be one of the first movies made for a teenage audience, Carley and Maddie had a grand ol’ time watching and reviewing it. Carley tells an embarrassing story about her first time trying to surf and they also discuss first dates and if they were ever formally picked up for a date like they did in the 50’s.

Want to get to know this dynamic duo? Check out our brand new Q&A about everything high school movies, favourite podcast guests, and more!

What inspired you to create a podcast about high school movies?

We met while working at a production company in Toronto in our early twenties and quickly bonded over our obsession with 90’s and early 2000s high school movies and music. We both are extremely nostalgic for our teen years, and would often spend our days at work re-telling stories from our high school days and were shocked by how similar we were. When we became roommates in November we knew doing a podcast about all different eras of teen movies would be so much fun. But we decided that our concept would be to not only dissect a teen movie every week, but to incorporate high school stories from us and our guests while we review. The rest is history!

Who have been your most notable guest(s) on the show so far?

We have several guests lined up that we are excited about, but our most notable to date is Shane Kippel who played Spinner on Degrassi: Next Generation. We both grew up watching the show, so it was a really big deal for us. Our teenage selves were very nervous to meet him, but he could not have been nicer!

Which guests would you love to have on the show in the future?

We are hoping to have people on that are or were a big part of teen culture in some way. Whether it’s actors, musicians, or old Much Music VJs, we want to sit down and chat with them about their teen years. Of course, our dream guests would be Hilary Duff, Mark Hoppus, Amanda Bynes and Molly Ringwald.

16 episodes in, what have you learned about producing a weekly podcast?

Sound quality is key to people continuing to listen! We are getting better at this. Also, I think we have learned that planning out an episode too much always kills the conversation. Just letting conversation flow is what makes it so appealing and funny for people.

How would you describe your studio space?

It is VERY 2003. We have posters everywhere of old YM Magazine covers, Blink 182 posters, pogs scattered throughout, every Nintendo system ever created, a lava lamp, Guitar Hero, you name it. It’s every kid who was a teen in the early millennials dream come true.

Do you have any criteria when looking for a movie to cover on the podcast?

Our only criteria is that it is driven by teenage characters.

What is the most over and underrated high school movie of all time?

The most underrated high school movie of all time is Saved! It’s so funny, provocative and heart warming all in one. As for most overrated, probably Say Anything with John Cusack. But we still appreciate it!

What is your favourite “so bad it’s good” high school movie?

Definitely A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray. We could watch it everyday. There are so many elements to that movie that make no sense but we love it. It’s also one of our favourite episodes that we’ve done so far (Ep. 4).

What are your favourite and least favourite high school movie clichés?

I think our least favourite is how the male jock character ALWAYS feels torn between his passion and pursuing what his Dad wants him to do. It’s just very stale now and isn’t very interesting anymore. Our favourite cliche is a good ol’ classic makeover scene. It’s always fun to see different characters transform, even if it’s for the wrong reasons, the scene is usually really fun to watch. Of course, the most notable one would be in She’s All That when Rachael Leigh Cook’s character comes down the stairs to the song Kiss Me. Classic!

In one word, how would you describe your high school experience?


Stream more Teenage Dirtbagz episodes here.
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