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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Jackie Paladino’s New Single “Music Heals the Soul”

By: Staff –

Jackie Paladino

Rising singer-songwriter Jackie Paladino is back with her brand new single “Music Heals the Soul”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“When I wrote “Music Heals the Soul” several years back, I was truly at the tip of my low,” says Paladino. “I’ll refrain from going into too much detail at the moment, however all of the trauma and chaos I had experienced within a span of few weeks had truly turned my world upside down.  I was at the point where I was ready to give up on music and the arts entirely, had reverted to working in an office again, this time at a fairly conventional sales startup, and for months on end my goal was to simply make it through the day.  This coincided with meeting a young and still hopeful rapper and producer (the same ex-boyfriend I reference in “Can You Tell Me What Love Is?”), who offered a shoulder to lean on and helped reignite my passion for music.  He produced the track, and is also largely responsible for enhancing my appreciation of hip-hop and rap.  A year or so later, I had started pursuing acting again and was cast as the romantic lead in a yet-to-be-released music video with the sickly talented Lucy Camp.  We formed a friendship, connecting over our use of art to heal from our innermost demons, and later asked if she would rap on the track.”

Born in New York and raised in central New Jersey, Paladino is a singer-songwriter whose voice has been compared to the likes of Corinne Bailey Rae, Billie Holiday, and Adele. She was introduced to the piano at the age of six, and developed her understanding of storytelling and performance through off-Broadway theatre, dance competitions, and musical vocational school. It wasn’t until Jackie returned to her birth state to attend the music theatre program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts that she discovered her true calling. “When everyone else was memorizing lines to songs and stories, I was writing my own stories through song, belting out the tunes of Ella Fitzgerald, Duffy, and Alicia Keys along the way.” Always an avid reader of poetry, she found herself delving deeply into the works of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, entranced by the precision and mystery of their word choice. As an artist, Jackie Paladino seeks to combine this sense of lyric perfectionism and her urgency to “mold the ugly into something beautiful” along with the power and soul of her favorite songstresses. Paladino’s fresh new style combines soul-pop sensibilities that offers a unique, and slightly nostalgic sound for your ears.  Paladino has  found a home in Brooklyn and has quickly proven herself as a mainstay in the ever evolving music scene. With soaring sultry vocals, she offers up an insightful piece that will have a lot of people talking.


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