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Exclusive: Stream Releaser’s New Curated Playlist

By: Staff 


To celebrate the release of Chicago-based alt-rock band Releaser’s debut EP, Retox, the band curated an exclusive new spotify playlist containing songs that have inspired them, which you can stream below.

Stephen Richard Mueller // Vocals, Guitar

1. “Seven” – Sunny Day Real Estate

I was watching 120 minutes on MTV (Side note, Matt Pinfield had a show of obscure and new music, for all those young ones out there that didn’t know what 120 minutes was.) “Seven” was the first song that gave me goosebumps.

2. “Accident Prone” – Jawbreaker

I was standing in line at a local punk rock show and a representative from a major label handed me their disc. It inspired me to have a different approach on lyrics with my own music.

3. “Thinking, That’s All” – Jimmy Eat World

One of the members from Less than Jake threw out a split promo cassette tape at their concert. Listened to it on the way home and the B-Side was Jimmy Eat World. From that point on, They have been my biggest musical influence.

4. “Welcome to the Jungle” – Guns N Roses

I was seven years old watching their music video, and at that moment, I wanted to be a rock star. Long hair, ear rings, I needed to do it.

Andre Robert // Lead Guitar, Vocals

1. “Enjoy the Silence” – Depeche Mode

Growing up, my family always had Violater playing in the background. The dark industrial rock of Depeche Mode drove me to want to see them at age 11 at the Rosemont Horizon. My music career started right then and there.

2. “Everlong” – Foo Fighters

I mean, Dave Grohl is King. Boom.

3. “Breaking Rules” – Lucky Boys Confusion

My father had a co-worker who her husband worked for Elektra Records. (Barney was his name, great dude.) He took me to shows and showed me the ropes at an early age. I landed on Lucky Boys when Barney sent me a promotional use only box full of CDs about to be debuted at record stores. Once I played Throwing the Game (First Record) in my discman on the bus going to school, I never got sick of it. Still till this day.

4. “Love in an Elevator” – Aerosmith

Because who doesn’t love making love in an elevator. Let’s be real here…

Duane James Jr. // Drums 

1. “Motorcycle Drive-By” – Third Eye Blind

One of first of three albums I’ve ever owned. I was listening to this during a time where a lot of changes were happening in my life. The lyrics and epic arena elements of this track mimic my feeling and emotions going through life.

2. “D’You Know What I Mean” – Oasis

Also one of my first records. I was exposed to a lot of English culture growing up through a neighborhood friend. After watching this music video as a child with the intense helicopters and over the top theatrics, I knew these guys were the next modern day rock stars.

3. “Tumbling Dice” – The Rolling Stones

I grew up on a farm. Folks always listened to classic and southern rock. But as an adult, Mick Jagger’s message stayed true.

4. “When You Were Young” – The Killers

This was during my senior year in high school. Seasons were changing, and I realized I was listening to a new band that had potential to become timeless. It gave me hope and drive to become timeless myself.

Jeremy Mederich // Bass, Vocals

1. “Sheep” – Pink Floyd

Roger Waters is a major influence on me playing Bass. One of my favourite tracks by him

2. “Space and Time” – The Verve

Favorite track off their record Urban Hymns that inspired me to write my own music.

3. “In My Life” – The Beatles

It’s The Beatles.

4. “Drive’ – The Cars

Benny Orr. One of my all time favorite bassist. The best track by the Cars in my opinion


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