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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Featurette’s New Video for “Million Things”

By: Staff –

Toronto-based duo Featurette are back with a new video for their brand new single “Million Things”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

The track is an emotionally-charged, heavy-hitting electropop gem that’s been paired with a surreal visual. The duo, formed by singer Lexie Jay and drummer Jon Fedorsen, have spent the past several months in the studio writing and producing their anticipated sophomore album, scheduled for release in late 2019.

Singer Lexie Jay shares of the track: “Million Things” is a modern take on love in our material-driven world. We live tethered to our instagram feeds, and we care more about what we look like on the outside than how we’re doing on the inside. Million Things is about having everything you’ve ever dreamed of, but the loneliness we’re left with if we don’t have anyone to share in the moments that matter. “In Million Things”, we’re trying to capture a snapshot of the social media driven world we live in, and how it affects our relationships and even mental health. Everyone’s trying to be insta-famous. Everyone’s got to look their best at all times and ‘play the part’ so that they’re not forgotten. We’ve got to be one step ahead, more likes, more followers – it’s endless. It can be draining to create a world where we’re always presenting our ‘best self’. This song is about facing the vulnerability in all that and asking ourselves, how did we get here, and what was the price we had to pay along the way. When our fans listen to the Million Things, we want them to feel the main character’s loneliness. She’s putting on a brave face for the people watching her, and she’s surrounding herself with things that make her feel like she matters, all while her relationship is falling apart before her eyes. She’s powerless to stop it, keeping up appearances becomes ever more important, which is likely to be her undoing in the end.”


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