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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Wild Mercury’s New Single “Orange County”

By: Staff –

Montreal-based rock band Wild Mercury are back with their new single “Orange County”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Orange County is the first song we’ve ever recorded together and we will always remember the electrified mood we were in afterward,” says the band. “It’s a terrific feeling to see a song you wrote coming alive. We ended up in a shady karaoke close by the studio with our producer Endrick Tremblay and our engineer Jean-Bruno Pinard. Even though we were all exhausted there was no way any of us would have been able to sleep. The lyrics are a mix of field notes written during a vacation in Florida and ideas that came as a consequence of turning thirty years old; wanting simple, but realizing that you kinda sowed intricacies all along the way of your twenties. We composed the music trying to picture ourselves on a trip where the sun is always shining as we wanted the song to be carried by hopefulness and empowerment, even if it tells a certain struggle.”

Wild Mercury originally wanted to start a folk group that focused on warm vocal harmonies. When one thing led to another, they caught the fever for rock, for heavy sounds and for an unfulfilled dream of a riotous youth. Since 2017, they are playing in Montreal’s bars, unveiling their sound and singing desires that are sometimes sarcastic, sometimes angry, sometimes euphoric, sometimes pop, sometimes rock, sometimes soul and sometimes folk. 


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