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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Piper Cole’s New Video for “Bones”

By: Staff –

Vancouver singer-songwriter Piper Cole is back with a new video for her single “Bones”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Bones” is the first single from Cole’s debut EP, Wildish, which is set for release on July 5th. The music video for “Bones” was created in collaboration with director Casey Kowalchuk and Vancouver flamenco dancer, Michelle Harding.

“I am drawn to flamenco as an intensely expressive art that boldly confronts raw emotionality and uses it to create beautiful authentic art,” says Cole. “I felt it was the perfect fit to visually represent ‘Bones’ as the song explores inner oppression and resistance and the fight to be heard and seen. The flamenco dancer translates emotions into movements and makes the powerful statement through percussive sounds to ‘claim your space’.”

Grounded in the singer-songwriter tradition, Cole steps boldly forward into sun-soaked, experimental landscapes with her debut EP release Wildish. With captivating energy and spirited electro-folk sensibilities, Wildish is the combined force of a classically trained soprano and a down-to-earth contemporary songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Cole’s melodies are at once bright and haunting, unique and nostalgic, supported by rhythmic drive and carried by clear, effortless vocals.

Wildish is produced by Piper Cole and Vancouver musician and engineer Daniel Klenner. It is her first commercial release, and one that beautifully tethers the breadth and diversity of her musical experience. “Music brings such colour to life, cradling and nourishing our experiences. Singing and songwriting have always been a way that I have made sense of the world, and expressed emotions that I struggle to connect to,” says Piper. And the emotional heart of this EP is palpable; there is a sense of true connection and release in the musical intricacies and atmospheric lyricism. Wildish takes listeners on a journey through history and heartache, the struggle to “climb the scars of time”, to “tred carefully, hold fast, and be refined”—but ultimately it is a journey of transformation, of risk-taking, inner earthquakes, and the healing power of poetry and music.

Wildish will be available on July 5th on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes and other digital retailers and streaming services.


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