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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Sarah Jickling’s New Video for “Saint”

By: Staff –

Vancouver artist Sarah Jickling is back with a new video for her brand new single “Saint”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Saint” is the first single from Jickling’s new album The Family Curse, which is out in September 2019. The Family Curse explores mental illness within families and intergenerational trauma, and documents her childhood experiences and revelations about her family’s history of bipolar disorder. Sarah’s music approaches the darkest subject matter with frank honesty and a keen ear for beauty, sincerity, and hope. The decision to write about such difficult subject matter was not an easy one for Sarah, and the vulnerability she feels in sharing her story is conveyed through her performance of aerial arts in the video for Saint”.

“When I perform aerial arts in this video, I showcase the strength that I’ve gained in the past year; but as a relative beginner, I feel very vulnerable,” says Jickling. “This is also how I feel about releasing this song about my childhood. There’s some strength in sharing secrets, but there’s also vulnerability. I wanted to reflect the hesitation and fear I felt about dropping this single with literal drops on the silks.”

Jickling is a Vancouver-based musician, performer and mental-health advocate known for her pairing of shimmering pop melodies with sharp, candid lyrics about her struggles with bipolar disorder. Jickling’s artistic projects all orbit around the main project of survival – in writing, dance, speaking and songwriting, her voice rings through loud and clear as a fierce force for empathy and change.


One thought on “Exclusive Premiere: Watch Sarah Jickling’s New Video for “Saint”

  1. Such a cool video & song! There are very easy things to review about it. About talented artistry, musical uniqueness, & arrangement – nailed, nailed, & nailed. And straight organic like of the song – yes that is happening too! The electronic music contrasts subtly and prominence; it both sticks out like a semi-sore thumb and fits beautifully with the vocal melodies. The chorus is catchy and maybe that’s all that needs to matter – there are simple, typical song parts that are in every song, and there are complex, atypical parts that are in NO song. Magnificent job by a magnificent and local artist! Next please, Sarah Jickling!!

    Posted by Kyle Wright | June 28, 2019, 11:59 am

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