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Review: Cirque du Soleil’s “Alegría in a New Light” is a Joyful and Breathtaking Experience

By: Curtis Sindrey –

Cirque du Soleil has once again returned to Toronto for another series of captivating performances under the big top with a modern update to their classic touring show Alegría.

Alegría in a New Light tells the centuries-old tale of old vs. new as a dynamic power struggle emerges to determine the true king. Represented by Mr. Fleur, the old guard are dated, out of touch, and unable to inspire the minds of the youth. As their long reign of power is seemingly coming to a close, a movement called The Bronx set out to shake up the establishment and force Mr. Fleur and co. to give up their stranglehold of power. The Bronx are the light in a world of shadows, and they represent the change everyone wants to see in the world.

The costumes were also brilliantly crafted, most notably with Mr. Fleur who rocked head to toe suede and looked appropriately sketchy. Elegant, colourful, and wonderfully textured, they only added to the breathtaking feats of acrobatics during the show.

From a smiling fire knife dancer that literally lit up the room, to performers spinning endlessly inside a giant wheel, to pole vaulting, and synchronized trapeze artists, there was no shortage of awe-inspiring visuals. It’s one of the unique things about any Cirque performance where you might see a dozen performances, but it’s the emotion, the passion, and the uplifting spirit of each production that keeps audiences coming back for more.

The show is standard for any Cirque experience: dazzling visuals, enthralling music, and a touching, relatable story. Meaning “joy” in Spanish, Alegría in a New Light will leave you feeling joyful that you experienced one of Cirque’s most beloved productions.

Alegría in a New Light runs until November 24, 2019.

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