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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Jesse Merineau’s New Single “Honey”

By: Staff –

Emerging singer-songwriter Jesse Merineau is back with a new single titled “Honey”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Recently, phones have caused a mass anxiety on so many people including myself,” said Merineau. “2010-2019, people felt awkward not being on their phones while on a night out. 2020, I want to send a message that the reality is quite the opposite. Who wants to be checking their notifications when you could be dancing with your friends? Enjoy your night, forget about your phone, let loose, let the new decade be the end of your anxiety. Jason Pierce produced this single. Working with JP is always a blast. Another perk, a very generous person gave me their starbucks card for the week of recording. We had unlimited food/drinks, and were well caffeinated for the recording sessions. It was a super cool process, because this song went through many changes. He had also blasted a private demo out to many industry folks for feedback on post production. We then worked with the Mixing engineer Brian Moncarz, and Mastering engineer, Brian Lucey. Turning the song into something all of us were extremely happy with.”


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